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PMPA Member Visits to the West Coast

Apr 12, 2017

PMPA First Vice President, Mike Preston, and Executive Director, Bernie Nagle, completed a whirlwind tour of Northern and Southern California members between March 19 and 23. Starting out in the Los Angeles area, their first stop was Sorenson Engineering where Dave, Steve and Tracee presented a PPT overview of the business and Steve took them on a great tour of the facility. If you’ve never seen nearly 100 Bechlers in one room before, you need to visit Sorenson Engineering.

Next stop was Alger Precision Machining where they had a nice visit with Jim Hemingway and Dan Hankla. It was really great to see the place so busy. Last stop on Day One was Metric Machining where Dave Parker and Drake Archer gave them a business overview and a tour of his recently relocated facility. When we visited Dave last year, they were in the midst of the relocation. We are happy to report the shop looks great and chips are flying. Moving is always a difficult proposition, but it looks like Dave and Drake have things well under control.

The southern CA trip was rounded out with visits to Tom Phillips at Pacific Precision, Inc., Randy Lusk at Lusk Quality Machine Products, Inc. and Gregg Thompson at Alard Machine Products. Again it was wonderful to see all these shops so busy. Our site visits certainly support all the Business Trends data projecting strong sales in our industry for the near-to-mid term.

At mid-week, Mike and Bernie flew up to San Francisco where they toured with Craig Corey at Rollin J. Lobaugh, Inc. and had a chance to visit with Jack and Gloria Corey and hear many wonderful stories from the early days of PMPA. Such a great honor to spend time with long-time members and contributors to PMPA. We hope to see them on many more visits in the future. The last stop of the trip was at Edward Koehn Co. in Berkeley, CA. Edward Koehn and Mike McKellar provided a very upbeat overview of the business and a tour of their shop.  Once again it was great to see the high level of activity. Anyone wanting to see how to get the most out of your square footage needs to visit Edward Koehn Co. - their return per square foot has to be in the top percentile. Nice job, guys!

Sorensons and Mike Preston  Mike Preston and DaveParker-MetricMachining 2017
Mike Preston and TomPhillips-PacificPrecision 2017  Coreys and Mike Preston 2017
Mike Preston - CA 2017  Mike Preston - CA 2017 (2)
IMG_2177  DanHankla-Alger and Mike Preston 2017