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Items for Sale

  • Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

    3 machines for Sale (Surplus to our needs): Acme 2” RB-6 Ser.# 41850 Magnetic conveyor Royal mist collector Threading clutch. (No hanger or spindle) Stock reel and stand ` Good machine New Britain Model 62 2-1/4 cap. Ser. # 36700 No threading Chip conveyor Stock reel and stand Fair to good condition New Britain Model 62 2-1/4 cap. Ser. # 74227 Hydraulic threading Chip Conveyor Stock reel and stand Good condition (Cycle “off” system needs repair.)
  • MasterTask Operator Instructions for Escomatic D6-R Lathe

    This is a full training program for operator and instructor. This Master Task program is 5 three ring binders full. Again, this is for the Escomatic D6-R Automatic Lathe.
  • Miyano

    Miyano CNC Lathes. 6 machines: All machines have live tooling and bar feeders: BND34S5 with LNS bar feeder, BND34S2 with IEMCA bar feeder BND34T2 with IEMCA bar feeder BND42S2with LNSbar feeder BND51C with LNS bar feeder All machines under power and in great shape can email photos upon request
  • 37 mm Hex 1215

    2179 lbs of 37 MM Hex 1215 with mill certs available for $0.40/lb + shipping or best offer.
  • Scrap Trailer

    Heavy Gage fully water(oil) proof scrap trailers for Brownies--worked on 2G's, OG's Ultramatics---most have drain plug--Size is approximate but the different sizes we have can be provided.
  • Various 16C COLLET

    An assortment of various 16C Collets. Please email me if you wish to have a list of the 16C Collets. Prefer to sell as a lot, best offer.
  • 3/8" Delrin

    10' long rods, we have over 500 of them and need to get them out of shop.
  • Strohm M-125 Cam Swiss Machine (Similar to Tornos R10)

    Strohm M125 (Similar to Tornos R10) This Strohm M125 machine, similar to a Tornos R10, is used and still in great working condition. This M125 often cycles much faster than a CNC Swiss type machine and offers very economic production for that high volume job at a fraction of the investment. This listing is just for the machine and does not include the barloader. We had this particular machine paired with an IEMCA barfeeder. Also being offered is a turnkey-setup, including all tooling and runoff, at an extra cost depending on part requirements. Please contact us for any additional information or questions. Buyer is responsible for setting up and paying for freight shipping on this item. Dimensions: 42" x 24" x 60" Weight: 2,000lbs Lateral turning tools: 5 Spindle speed: 1120 - 10,000RPM Turning length: 3.9" / stroke Price: $2,500

Items Wanted

  • 62-2 Shave head

    We are looking for a Schlitter 62-2 or 62-2G shave head.
  • Profilometer

    Need to buy a quality, calibrated, profilometer. Some options include: Hommel-Etamic W10 and W20 Mitutoyo SJ410 and SJ210
  • 8 Spindle Screw Machine

    Wanted - Acme 1-1/4 RB8 or 1-5/8 RBN8
  • Pt. no. 849-60SA Davenport coolant pump

    Hello members, We are looking for a new or used Davenport Pt. no. 849-60SA coolant Pump. We have checked our usual sources and most do not have immediate delivery. Any information on the above would be appreciated.
  • Acme 7/16 RA6

    Looking for multiple 7/16" Acme Gridley Screw Machines
  • 1095 steel

    1/8 rd . 1095 ASTM-A108 STEEL 1/8 or larger, but need 1/8.
  • Sq. D Breaker

    Sq. D breaker NEHB 3 POLE 80 amp 480 v screw type breaker
  • PMPA Test Item #2

    This is PMPA test #2 (sorry for the intrusion!) Renee, PMPA