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Items for Sale

  • 1" Acme Gridley RAN-6

    2 machines for sale: 1" Acme Gridley RAN-6 Bar Machine, pick off, reel & stand. SN B23467-N $5000 OBO 1" Acme Gridley RAN-6 Bar Machine, reel & stand. SN B23971-N $3000 OBO
  • Tesa Profile 50

    Tesa Profile 50 profile measurement system. Looking to sell to make room for other equipment. If interested feel free to contact me.
  • MIYANO JNC-45T CNC 3-axis lathe

    1. Miyano JNC-45T with Fanuc controls on it, the serial number is J450448T (Built 1992?) 2. Includes 17 tool holders and 36 collets (1/2” – 1 ¾” hex and 15/16” – 2” round) 3. Sub-turret assembly recently rebuilt 4. All bearings recently replaced within the Geneva gear box for indexing 5. Parts catcher recently rebuilt with new factory components 6. Used almost exclusively for cutting 360 brass and 12L14 steel 7. Many pictures available 8. Includes bar feeder 9. Spindle liners included
  • 6063 Alum. Tubing

    1.540 +/-.012" OD x 1.037+/-.012" ID 6063 Custom extruded tubing, with certs
  • Low Bay Metal Halide Light Fixtures

    Low - Bay Metal Halide Light Fixtures, 110 V, 400W bulbs. Includes bulbs, reflector and refractor. Rudd Lighting Corp. Catalog #ICJ2417-2
  • Daewoo Puma 200

    1. Daewoo Puma 200C – Installed December 2000 - S/N PM20148, Mitsubishi M520L Meldas Control a. Always used straight petroleum oil as coolant 2. Turbo Chip Conveyor 3. SMW Spacesaver 2003 4. Transformer from 480 to machine voltage. 5. Tools a. All tool blocks in turret b. Spindle liner tubes for 1.0625 Round, 1.250 Round, 1.375 Round, 1.750 Round. 6. many pictures available.
  • 303 Stainless Steel

    Product: 303 Stainless Steel in 2 diameters: .500” rd and .5625” rd. — 30,000 lbs. of each size available as surplus above current demand. Material is available for immediate shipment. Category: Raw Material Quality: Excellent Date Posted: 05/05/2015 Description: 30,000 lbs. available for each size. Premium machinability - European Mill. Certs attached.
  • Mitsubishi automatic screw machine

    Mitsubishi Model MRB-6, 2-5/8" 6-spindle, s/n unk, with coolant filtration and re-circulation system, out-feed chip conveyor, and associated tooling and attachments.

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