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Items for Sale

  • Pans

    We have 1,080+ Blue and 180+ Yellow Pans 21" L x 12.5 W x 6.5 H $5.00 ea FOB: BMC Bil-Mac
  • Jenfab Aqueous Washer

    Jenfab Aqueous Cleaning System 15' Dual Rotary Drum Washer Four Stage - Wash/Rinse/RP/Dry 14 years old Serial # 10169 FOB - BMC Bil-Mac $7,500/Best
  • NICHOLS Horizontal Production Mill

    (1) NICHOLS Horizontal production mill, used. Worked well when last used. Includes SC collet holder, Bijur lubricator, and air cylinder with check. E-mail me for any further information and/or pictures. $200 obo.
  • Citizen B-12-6

    Citizen B-12-6 W/PO Iemca Ch112 bar loader Ser. #Z5051
  • Citizen B-12

    Citizen B-12 W/PO Iemca CH112 bar loader Ser. # Z3315
  • 1-11/16 OD tubing

    1-11/16 OD X .065 W ASTM 513 TYPE 5 DOM TUBING
  • 1-1/4 OD tubing

    1-1/4 OD X .065 W ASTM 513 TYPE 5 DOM TUBING
  • 1-3/16 OD Tubing

    1-3/16 OD X .065 ASTM 513 TYPE 5 DOM TUBING

Items Wanted