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Items for Sale

  • Trek Washer

    TREK Model Triton 1 SMY Serial#T1/399/827 450 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 75 amps Good/Average condition Features: Four stage automatic parts cleaner 1) Wash - 21" 2) Rinse - 36" 3) Rust Inhibitor - 24" 4) Dry - 72" Uses blow-off knives - heated Parts Opening 14.5" x 8.5" Stainless steel belt width is 14" Accepts an approximate 7.25" high basket Housing and tanks are plastic Serial # T1/698/785 $8,000/OBO
  • chip cart

    P&A chip carts
  • chip carts

    Cecor chip carts

    VARIOUS TOOTH PER INCH- 2-3 PER IN. -14 PER IN. 10'6" X 1" X .035 TOTAL OF 31 BLADES
  • SPINDLE BEARINGS - Rebuilt (Unused)

    Model 62 New Britain - 6 fronts and 6 rears Rebuilt by L & R Specialties - Unused $3.450
  • Rebuilt (unused) Spindle Bearings

    Model 51 New Britain - 6 fronts and 6 Rears Rebuilt by L & R Specialties - Unused $3,075
  • oil tank

    1000 gallon tank taken out of service last week. The tank has an access hatch and site glass.
  • 3/4 Davenport

    Center Drive, Burring, Threading S/N 1187

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