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Items for Sale

  • Auto Crib Tool Vending Machines

    3 Auto Crib Tool Vending Machines - Rowe International Model 7800 These are surplus after our new tooling supplier brought in their own equipment.
  • Aqueous ultrasonic parts washer

    Jenfab aqueous parts washer with ultrasonics. Automated for load and unload of baskets. No baskets are included with the washer. Comes with a Fulton gas boiler for heat.
  • Vapor Degreaser

    Finishing Equipment vapor degreaser complete system with boiler and chiller. The single basket fixture holds up to 4 parts baskets and can select rotate or no rotate. too many details to list, please call if interested.
  • Balas Collet and pusher pads

    Large assortment of used Balas M12 and M16 collet pads and pusher pads. Hex and round, smooth and serrated available.Master collets available as well.
  • 1 1/4 RD 11L41

    1 1/4 ROUND 11L41
  • Davenport Noise Tamer sound enclosure

    2) Noise Tamer sound enclosures. They are in good condition.
  • 9/64" RD Brass

    360 FC Brass
  • CLEAN IP 2019s - Master Chemical Cleaning Concentrate

    FREE New, unopened, sealed 5 gallon pail of Master Stages Clean IP 2019, silicated low foam cleaner, by Master Chemical. Surplus to our needs and distributor won't take a return. Pay shipping or pick up and this handy dandy cleaner is yours for free. More info here: Master STAGES™ CLEAN IP 2019s is a very low-foaming, liquid, cleaning concentrate designed to remove straight oils and coolants from steel, cast iron, and most aluminum parts.

Items Wanted

  • Slotting Attachment

    Slotting Saw Attachment for a #2 Brown & Sharpe Ultramatic.
  • #2 Ultra Brownie

    #2 Ultra Brown & Sharpe 1 5/8" in good shape. cross slide circular tool holder posts, with bar feed and stand.
  • Citizen BL12 Type V

    Looking for a Citizen BL12 Type V with a bar loader interface.
  • Haas mill manual 1992

    we need a mill manual for a Haas VF1 mill dated in 1992. and a 5C collet closer for the indexer.
  • Star static tool holder

    331-22-00 static drill holder for STAR swiss type machine.

  • Kurt D50 (5') vise

    5 inch D50 Kurt AngLock vise (not a clone/"knock off").
  • 2" RB-8 Acme Multi Spindle

    Currently have a need for a 2" RB-8 Acme Multi Spindle Machine, Very Good condition to replace machine currently in need of considerable repair.