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Items for Sale

  • Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder

    824 Micromaster, 1800 RPM, Serial No. 523-824-500, includes an 8 X 24 Walker Fine Electromagnetic Chuck, asking $12,000 OBO
  • Rubbermaid mop buckets with wringers

    11 - Rubbermaid mop buckets with wringers We would like to sell as a lot for $450

    6" Capacity ACME Chucker (2) Model RPA8-6 Serial No. 86731 Serial No. 86746 4 Cross Slides: 2 Lower, 3rd and 4th position 2 Upper, 7th and 8th position * High speed drilling capability * Universal threading capability * 3 Jaw chucks, or up to 1 3/8" collets * Recess attachments (2), one rotary * Tool holders: dovetail, shave tool, and straight * RPM gears and feed gears * Many cross slide cams and lead cams
  • Smog Hog

    SG-2-HM Serial 60013692-0895 460Volt Smog Hog Used for removing smoke and oil mist from air or machines. Spare parts included. asking $5000 make an offer Very good condition
  • Bowden Liquid Turbo-Charger Parts Washing System

    Bowden programmable hoist-operated rotating basket multistage immersion parts washing system with gas dryer. System is 18 years old and currently operates on a daily basis to meet our parts washing requirements. It is a three tank system, each tank has a capacity of 300 gallons. Rotating rack holds six 12" x 18" x 6" Kadon style baskets.

    3 COLLETS MASTERS, 5 PUSHERS MASTERS, 7 SIZES OF PUSHER PADS, 7 SETS 1-1/2" ROUND, 7 SETS 1-7/8" ROUND, 7 SETS 1-3/8" HEX, 7 SETS 1-1/2" HEX, 7 SETS 1-7/16" HEX, 7 SETS 1-3/4" HEX, 7 SETS 1-7/8" HEX, PUSHER # BS 649 3-1/4"-6 SP V 642, COLLET # BS 647 3-1/4"-6 SP V 640, THREADS ON BOTH HEADS LOOK GOOD, $1299.00 + shipping.
  • 1.021 Rd 4140 Aq Steel

    Material cert available. 16 bundles, approx. 882 bars, some with slight rust.
  • Vascomill HD 20

    Blasser, Vascomill HD 20. Universal for machining of almost all materials. Ideal for high productions shops machining titanium, stainless steels, high temp alloys and other difficult to machine materials. Drum is still factory sealed

Items Wanted

  • Bar Marker

    MM2-S Bar Stock Marker or equivalent
  • 1-1/4" Hex Collets and Pushers

    Have an Immediate need to 1-1/4" Hex Collets and Pushers for a 2"-RB8 Acme.
  • Thread Rolling Cam

    Looking for a Thread Rolling Cam for a 2"-RB8 Acme. 5th Position Approximate .350" Rise in 25 degrees
  • Acme Shelf Slide

    3rd Position Shelf Slide for Acme 2" RB-8 bar machine.
  • left hand H&G die head

    25/32" -1" left hand SAMN H&G Die head with 1-1/2 " shank. (12 to 14 week leadtime for a new one.)
  • 3/4"-8 Acme

    3/4-8 Acme in good operating condition.
  • Lexan sheet

    Looking for Lexan or high impact polycarbonate sheet to replace cracked machine tool cabin windows. Dimensions are 4ft. x 8ft. x 5/16" (8mm) Have not been able to find a supplier. Does any member know of a source?
  • Barret 401 Chip Tub

    Looking to purchase surplus Barrett 401 chip tubs (center post style).