Buy Detail Page

  • Thread Rolling Attachment

    Winters 160SA attachment for Wickman
  • Chuck Arrangement

    Looking for a 10" 2 jaw chuck arrangement
  • 1-1/4" -8 RB8 Acme Gridley Screw Machines

    Need to be equipped with Universal Threading, Pick-Off, 6 position Slide and etc.
  • Measuring Microscope

    Nikon MM400/800 series, or OGP Smart Scope series 250, or similar model
  • Chip Cart Acme style

    Looking for 1-2 good used Chip Carts, Acme style, 3 or 4 caster. Prefer Michigan area.
  • 1-5/8-8 VNA

    Vanamatic is looking for Surplus 1-5/8-8 VNA Conomatic machine. Interested in good working machines. May be interested in parts machines depending on location.
  • OmniTurn GT-75 Series II or III

    Gang style CNC Chucker in good condition
  • Acme Chip Conveyor

    Hinge type conveyor for 1" RAN-6 Acme.
  • Wire EDM

    Sodick Wire EDM. We prefer a AQ325L or AQ327L.
  • 1/2" #00 Brown & Sharpe

    Hello members, We are looking to purchase a Brown & Sharpe #00 screw machine, preferably with a bar feeder. We are looking for a machine that is in good-excellent working condition that is ready to begin running production. Any information regarding the above would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • PMPA Test Item #2

    This is PMPA test #2 (sorry for the intrusion!) Renee, PMPA
  • Sq. D Breaker

    Sq. D breaker NEHB 3 POLE 80 amp 480 v screw type breaker
  • 1095 steel

    1/8 rd . 1095 ASTM-A108 STEEL 1/8 or larger, but need 1/8.
  • Acme 7/16 RA6

    Looking for multiple 7/16" Acme Gridley Screw Machines
  • Pt. no. 849-60SA Davenport coolant pump

    Hello members, We are looking for a new or used Davenport Pt. no. 849-60SA coolant Pump. We have checked our usual sources and most do not have immediate delivery. Any information on the above would be appreciated.
  • 8 Spindle Screw Machine

    Wanted - Acme 1-1/4 RB8 or 1-5/8 RBN8
  • Profilometer

    Need to buy a quality, calibrated, profilometer. Some options include: Hommel-Etamic W10 and W20 Mitutoyo SJ410 and SJ210
  • 62-2 Shave head

    We are looking for a Schlitter 62-2 or 62-2G shave head.
  • PRAB Chip System

    Looking for Prab E-Series Chip System with shredder (loader if possible) in good working condition.
  • Tool Crib Storage Cabinets

    Looking to buy used - Tool Crib Storage Cabinets • Brand: Lista • 9-14 drawer • Good or excellent condition • Will purchase 2-3 cabinets