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True or False?
Support Is Essential To Success

True! Support can be a mentor, opportunity or resource.
It’s important to take advantage of or be the one to provide support.

by Carli Kistler-Miller

Director of Programs & Marketing, PMPA

Published July 1, 2024

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Support is essential and available in many shapes and sizes. Support can be mentoring. It can be management sending you to training or educational conferences. It can also be found at at your trade association.

True or False? If I Share My Expertise, I’ll Be Replaced
A big false! According to, statistics show that, “84% of mentoring relationships provide two-way inspiration for mentor and mentee and people who served as mentors experienced lower levels of anxiety and described their job as more meaningful than those who did not mentor.”
Hoarding knowledge hinders you, your fellow employees and the shop. Taking it with you benefits no one. Why not share your knowledge and mentor a less experienced coworker? Mentors encourage, nurture, develop and advocate for their mentee. Mentors want to see their mentees succeed and shops need mentors.

At PMPA’s New England Suppliers Expo, I spoke with Josh Hardwick from W.H. Bagshaw in Nashua, New Hampshire. Josh started at Bagshaw seven years ago with no machining experience. He told me that a couple of veteran machinists showed him the basics and as he proved himself capable, they showed him more. Josh said, “I have a lot of skills today because they were willing to show me and teach me. Now I get to share that knowledge with some of the newer operators and machinists that we have had come on board.”

True or False? I Shouldn’t Have To Travel On A Weekend
False. Attending conferences, such as PMPA’s National Technical Conference or Management Update is a privilege and a huge show of support. Travel isn’t cheap, so an owner or manager sending you to an educational conference means they believe in you. They are making an investment in you, your future and their shop. Don’t take it lightly. Being sent to training or conferences is about the biggest compliment you can receive. Take advantage. It will be time well spent.

True or False? PMPA Can’t Really Help Me
Another big false! PMPA’s sole mission is to support the precision machining industry. We have ListServe Communities where any member can ask for help and recommendations. We have knowledgeable staff who are happy to help. We hold local and national educational conferences and meetings. We have ever growing Knowledge Centers on We have the “Speaking of Precision” and “Speaking of Suppliers” podcasts. We have technical members willing to share expertise. PMPA has so many resources to support your work.




Carli Kistler-Miller, MBA has over 25 years of experience with operations, event/meeting planning, marketing, writing and communications.
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