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PMPA Press Release: Steel, Aluminum Tariffs Will Lead to Lost U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

Friday February 16, 2018
For Immediate Release:
Contact: Miles Free

Steel, Aluminum Tariffs Will Lead to Lost U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

Washington, D.C. – The Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) today expressed disappointment that after strongly supporting manufacturing in tax and regulatory reform, the Department of Commerce announced on Friday their recommendation that the President impose tariffs on aluminum and steel that millions of U.S. workers need to make products that support our nation’s security and economy. On Friday, February 16, the Secretary of Commerce released recommended that the President impose 24-53% import tariffs on steel from all countries and a minimum 7% tariff on aluminum imports with a 23.6% maximum tax.

“Despite averaging roughly 35 employees, the typical PMPA member spends $2.3 million annually on steel, meaning a 53% tariff would cost each of our American businesses over $1.2 million, an untenable situation,” said Miles Free, Director of Industry Research and Technology at PMPA.

“How are our manufacturers expected to compete globally when our government taxes our most significant input? Acting on these recommendations will simply lead to the importation of more finished precision metal products from foreign companies that come in with overseas steel and aluminum, all duty free,” added Mr. Free.

While the majority of steel and aluminum used by PMPA members is made in the U.S., these businesses need a competitively priced and stable raw material supply, particularly as it relates to national security. Any increase in the price of steel and aluminum, or restrictions on the availability of globally sources, will cause serious injury to thousands of small, downstream manufacturers. Fifteen U.S. manufacturing associations representing over 30,000 manufacturing companies and more than 1 million American workers sent a letter to the President asking he consider the impact of his action on the nation’s critical manufacturing infrastructure.

Should the President decide to move forward with applying tariffs or imposing quotas, PMPA asks the that the Department exclude several specific grades, which are critical for PMPA members to supply the defense, medical and automotive industries.

PMPA supports enforcement of our existing trade laws and points to the more than 160 antidumping and countervailing duty remedies currently in place on imported steel and believes the current laws are working when enforced appropriately.


The Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) is a national trade association representing over 440 member companies involved in the production of highly engineered, precision machined components used in advanced automotive, aerospace, electrical, construction, and medical technologies PMPA’s members include metal producers, machining and manufacturing companies, machine tool builders, and producers of tooling, software and accessories, and metalworking fluids. The precision machining industry is best described by NAICS code 332721, and accounts for over 99,400 jobs with payrolls of $5.1 billion and shipments of over $18.4 billion. The mission of the PMPA is to provide the information, resources and networking opportunities to advance and sustain its members while advocating for manufacturing throughout the United States.

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