More Information on the Fisher - Phillips Documents

The Fisher Phillips documents in the Human Resources section have been broken out into a process overview/summary, including:

  1. Hiring - The hiring process can be a maze of legal and procedural pitfalls, but it is one of the most important resources functions. Hiring is the first step in identifying the most qualified candidate. The documents within this "hiring" heading can assist members achieve the best results in this vital process
  2. Managing Employees (Managing) - Once employees are hired, the employer must properly manage them to achieve optimal job satisfaction and performance while complying with all applicable laws. The forms within this "managing" heading can aid members in effectively and lawfully managing their employees.
  3. Termination (Managing) - Terminating ineffective employees is another key to a productive and satisfied workforce. However, too often employers misstep during the termination process and create problems that can lead to legal claims. The key to a successful termination is the investigation and documentation of the misconduct leading to the termination, but the forms within this "termination" heading can assist in carrying out the termination process.
  4. Legal & Reference - Employment laws change often and directly impact the human resources management function. Therefore, it is imperative for employers to stay current with employment laws that impact their workplaces the most. Documents with the "legal" heading are links various updates, reports, articles and related memoranda regarding important employment laws, and changes to those laws, that affect member workplaces on a daily basis. Throughout employment, various human resources related issues arise that must be addressed through various forms, policies and related documents. The "reference" documents are frequently used materials in human resources management.
  5. Fisher Phillips Services - In addition to the reference manuals and materials discussed above, Fisher Phillips offers numerous other vital services to assist employers with their employment needs.

While these documents comply with Ohio and federal law as of July 2009, the applicable laws in each state differ (e.g., seeking and using criminal records in the hiring process is regulated differently in many states, marital status is a protected class in some states but not in others). Accordingly, for states other than Ohio, these materials should be reviewed by legal counsel prior to their use. Also, there may be modifications or additions to current law which could affect the validity of these documents, and so these documents should be reviewed periodically by legal counsel to make sure that they are in compliance with existing law.

DISCLAIMER: Finally, it should be noted that these documents and all statements made on this website do not constitute the legal advice of Fisher Phillips. If you have any questions or require legal advice, please feel free to contact Fisher Phillips or another attorney of your choice.

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