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Industry expert, Miles Free III, discusses  a variety of valuable topics relevant to the precision machining industry including safety, regulations, management and more!


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PMPA Podcast Team:

Host: Miles Free III
Producer and frequent co-host: Carli Kistler-Miller 
Audio Engineer: Joe Jackson 

Before Covid-19  Before Covid-19
During Covid-19 During Covid-19
Post Covid-19 Post Covid-19


Join us as Miles Free answers a variety of questions!  You never know what will be asked or what the answer may be! Please send any questions or topics for Miles Free to answer to and we will answer your questions on an upcoming episode of the Speaking of Precision: Mailbag Edition

8-31-20 Episode 31: How Sulfur and Manganese Improve Machinability
Show Notes

8-24-20 Episode 30.1: Full Conversation Tanya DiSalvo of Criterion Tool During Covid-19
Show Notes: 
Criterion Tool Website
Dr Lang Velocity Scheduling System
Simple In/Out App
The Goal

8-24-20 Episode 30Back After a Positive COVID-19 Test With Tanya DiSalvo of Criterion ToolDuring Covid-19

8-17-20 Episode 30Beware of False Unemployment Claims Filed in Your NameDuring Covid-19

8-10-20 Episode 28: V.U.C.A. During Covid-19
Show Notes

8-3-20 Episode 27: Committing to Sustain Our Businesses During Covid-19
Show Notes

7-27-20 Episode 26: Six Factors for Tool Life 
Show Notes

7-20-20 Episode 25:How to Fix American Manufacturing During Covid-19
Show Notes

7-13-20 Episode 24: Federal Governments Spring 2020 Regulatory Agenda Part 2 (DOL & OSHA) During Covid-19
Unified Regulatory Spring 2020 Agenda - July 2020
NAICS 332721 LOTO COST Potential

7-13-20 Episode 23: Federal Governments Spring 2020 Regulatory Agenda Part 1 (NRLB & EPA) During Covid-19
Unified Regulatory Spring 2020 Agenda - July 2020
NAICS 332721 LOTO COST Potential

7-6-20 Episode 22: Business Trend Indicators Proves Postive Economic Outlook During Covid-19
Show Notes

6-29-20 Episode 20Interview with Scott Wiltsie of Vanamatic CompanyDuring Covid-19

6-22-20 Episode 195 Advantages of Cold Drawn Bars

6-22-20 Episode 18OSHA Inspection Priorities During Covid-19
Download Show Notes

6-15-20 Episode 17New OSHA Guidance: Cloth Face CoveringsDuring Covid-19
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6-15-20 Episode 16: EEOC FAQs  During Covid-19

6-12-20 Episode 15: USMCA: What You Need to Know During Covid-19
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9 Data Points Summary

6-12-20: Speaking of Precision: Mailbag EditionDuring Covid-19
E-mail Questions for the Mailbag Edition Here

6-8-20 Episode 13: 3-S During COVID-19During Covid-19
Show Notes Here

6-8-20 Episode 12: Emergency Action PlanBefore Covid-19
Download Show Notes

6-3-20 Episode 11*FIRST ALERT* Update on USMCA

6-1-20 Episode 10: Interview With Michael Devoss of Outokumpu Stainless Bar
Show Notes

5-25-20 Episode 9: PPPP: Paycheck Protection Plan Podcast During Covid-19
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5-25-20 Episode 812 Cardinal Rules for Shop SafetyBefore Covid-19
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5-18-20 Episode 7: Advocacy and Bottom Line
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5-18-20 Episode 6: 4 Keys to Business Sustainability
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5-11-20 Episode 5: 5 Reasons for No FacemasksDuring Covid-19
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5-11-20 Episode 4: Policy and Communication Changes by COVID19During Covid-19
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5-4-20 Episode 3: Effective Associating - PMPA Ventilator Parts for COVID-19During Covid-19
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5-4-20 Episode 2: Twelve Working from Home Leadership TipsDuring Covid-19
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5-4-20 Episode 1:  What is Machinability?