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Preset, Quick-Change and Adjustable Tooling

Friday April 19, 1996
The results of a survey conducted last year indicate that a small but substantial core of Association members are using preset, quick-change, and adjustable tooling with good results on their screw machines and CNC turning equipment. The three most important benefits of this tooling mentioned were:

  • Increased machine hours available for production 
  • Reduced labor hours, and
  • Reduced operator error

Other benefits noted were reduced scrap, reduced skill and training requirements, and improved quality. Nine out of ten of those surveyed said this tooling met or exceeded their expectations.

Preset, quick-change, and adjustable tooling has been a continuing interest of PMPA's Industry Strategic Planning Committee. In mid-1995 a report on the subject was released to members under their sponsorship. It described and defined the various types, showed how this tooling could save time and money, suggested strategies for proper selection, and outlined how to determine cost savings. Equally important, it provided contact information for eleven tooling manufacturers. 

Accompanying the report mentioned above was a survey to determine how and to what extent preset, quick-change, and adjustable tooling is being used by Association members. Fifty six surveys were returned. Some of the survey results have already been mentioned. It was also found that this tooling was being used four times as often on multiple spindle screw machines as on cam-type single spindles with CNC single spindles falling somewhere in between. End working tooling was utilized more than twice as often as either cross-slide tooling or quick-change collets.

Probably the largest barrier to implementing the use of this tooling is its high initial cost. However, actual experience proves that it does pay off, and deserves a hard look by everyone. The key is for each company to study its particular situation, and determine where savings can be realized. While this tooling may appear to be too expensive, when you "put the numbers to the paper" it can often be justified.

A number of people responding to the survey agreed to talk with other members about their experiences. (Listed over) If you are considering this tooling, or are already a user and want to find out what others are doing, give these people a call.


     American Couplings Company, Bellwood, Illinois, Phone: 708/547-1000
     Contact:     Steven Brezwyn

     American Turned Products, Erie, Pennsylvania, Phone: 814/825-4646     
     Contact:     Dave Sharp

     Ausco Products, Inc., Benton Harbor, Michigan, Phone: 616/926-0751 
     Contact:     Kevin Grover

     Camcraft Inc., Hanover Park, Illinois, Phone: 708/582-6000
     Contact:     Marc Bossert

     Curtis Screw Co., Inc., Buffalo, New York, Phone: 716/885-0110
     Contact:     Edward LeClair

     Dana Corporation, Antwerp, Ohio, Phone: 419/258-5011
     Contact:     Chuck Miller

     Duda and Goodwin Inc., Woodbury, Connecticut, Phone: 203/263-4353
     Contact:     John DiCorpo

     Edstrom Industries, Inc., Waterford, Wisconsin, Phone: 414/534-5181
     Contact:     Mark Strasser

     Gates Albert Inc., North Chili, New York, Phone: 716/594-9401
     Contact:     Terry Chislett

     General Automotive Mfg. Co., Franklin, Wisconsin, Phone: 414/421-6111
     Contact:     John Zavada

     Huron Automatic Scrw Co., Port Huron, Michigan, Phone: 810/364-6636
     Contact:     Edward Brooks

     Melling Machining Company, Jackson, Michigan, Phone: 517/787-8807
     Contact:     Scot Gazelay

     Metal Seal & Products, Inc., Willoughby, Ohio, Phone: 216/946-8500
     Contact:     R. B. Diemer

     Milan Screw Products, Inc., Milan, Michigan, Phone: 313/439-2431
     Contact:     Chuck Tellas

     Mitchel & Scott Machine Co., Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana, Phone: 317/639-5331
     Contact:     Patrick Mitchel

     Roberts Automatic Products, Inc., Chanhassen, Minnesota, Phone: 612/949-1000
     Contact:     David Sjolund

     Tuthill Corporation, Hansen Coupling Division, Berea, Ohio, Phone: 216/826-1115
     Contact:     Bob Nemeth

     Vanamatic Company, Delphos, Ohio, Phone: 419/692-6085
     Contacts:     Jeff Wiltsie/Steve Schroeder

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