Associate Members (Captive Shops)

Dues Schedule

Revised January, 2019

Associate Membership (Captive Departments)

An Associate Member of the Precision Machined Products Association is a business entity that manufactures precision machined products solely for its own use, assembly and incorporation into products it markets and catalogs. Each separate plant of the named member company shall be treated as a separate entity, so serviced, and so billed for dues, and registered separately in the membership directory.

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 Schedule of Dues

(Captive Departments)
U.S.A., Canadian, or Foreign

Associate Members are those companies producing precision machined products solely for incorporation in their own end product which is a cataloged and/or inventoried item.

The following dues schedule for Associate Members applies to U.S.A., Canadian or Foreign Members and is payable in U.S. funds.

Associate Members pay a base rate of $1,000.00 annually plus $25.00 per turning, milling and rotary transfer machine annually. The minimum dues paid annually are $1,250.00. There is no cap on dues.

Base Rate $1,000.00
Number of Machines
x $25.00
Total Annual Dues:

NOTE: Dues are payable in advance, either annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. Machines refer to machines-in-place without reference to hours of operation or size.