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PMPA Women Offered New Networking Opportunity

Thursday June 09, 2016

PMPA Executive Director, Bernie Nagle, is reaching out to all female PMPA members and asking for participation in a newly created Listserve intended to create an information-sharing network for women in our association. 

In a recent correspondence to the initial roster of Listserve participants Mr. Nagle said, “Our purpose in developing this Listserve is to create a network for communications and a conduit for building relationship between and among female PMPA members who share common interests, attitudes and challenges. Our sole purpose here at PMPA HQ is to help our members “Adapt and Thrive.” The most-often cited value of PMPA membership is the ability to network with peers and share information. This is simply one more channel for that sharing to take place.”

Bernie invites any and all female PMPA members to join the Listserve to help expand this new network of sharing in our Association.

Anyone interested in participating may contact Jackie Bloom, or Renee Merker, and you will be added to the Listserve.