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Future of Manufacturing - New PMPA Committee Formed

Dec 21, 2017
The PMPA Board of Directors recently approved the creation of a new forward-looking Future of Manufacturing Committee whose mission is to ensure our members will adapt and thrive by driving a conversation on emerging changes that affect their business. The committee will provide inferences on the 5-10 year evolution in technology, culture, and economics so that PMPA member companies will have a clearer vision of the future and have a competitive advantage. The committee is composed of PMPA members  who are excited about the future and its impact on our industry.  

Committee members Charles Ruecker, CORE Powered Inc.; Kevin Coffman - Champion Screw Machine Engineering Inc.; Robin Rutschilling - Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.; and Debra Sommers - Lakeview Precision Machining, Inc.

An all-new PMPA listserve has also been created for all members to engage in these conversations.  Along with presentations at the 2018 National Tech Conference, listserve members will be presented with information and have the opportunity contribute to this exciting and relevant dialogue. 

Subscribe to the new Future of Manufacturing listserve today!  Access the MY PROFILE page of the PMPA website and click on Edit My List Subscriptions.  Scroll down to the Future of Manufacturing heading and click on Subscribed in the box on the right.  Remember, you must be a member of the list in order to post messages to the list.