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Suggested Letter to Send to Your Customers Regarding Tariffs

Mar 12, 2018

A suggested letter and attachments which you can use to start your conversations regarding the tariff issue with your customers. PMPA is committed to keeping our members in the know on the developments in the tariff on our raw materials issue. You can make a similar commitment to your customers to improve their perception of your company as a partner rather than adversary as we work through the tariff issue and impacts together.

As you have heard by now, many of the steel and aluminum products that your shop uses are subject to a 25% import tariff in the case of steel and 10% for aluminum. PMPA has been has been front and center on this issue meeting with the Secretary of Commerce, lobbying Capitol Hill and the White House, and leading coalitions to oppose actions to restrict our input without considering the effect on the over 12 million metalworking manufacturers in the steel and aluminum consuming industries.

This action by the federal government has created a lot of concern and confusion in the market. To help our member companies better understand and respond to the actions, we have put together a draft statement (letter to customers) for your company to customize and adapt to meet your needs, including sending to your customers  to both inform them and to let them know that they can count on you for the best information.

The attached word document is a letter for you to  customize with your information and send to your customers. We think  that this letter will help them understand this new market reality and help them value you as a partner in their procurement, rather than an adversary as we all deal with the impact of this government tariff action.

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