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RoHS II Exemptions for Lead in Steel, Aluminum and Copper Extended!

Monday May 21, 2018
On May 18, Commission Delegated Directives 2018/739/740/741 were published in the Official Journal of the European Union.  The directives officially extend RoHS Exemption  6(a) (Lead in Steels for machining purposes), 6(b) (use of Lead in Aluminums for machining purposes), & 6(c) (Lead in Copper alloys containing up to 4% lead by weight) in most of the regulated product categories through July 21, 2021.  Several product categories are extended for longer.   Leaded Steels, Aluminums, and Copper alloys for machining that meet the requirements of the directive will remain ROHS II compliant for the foreseeable future.

See the attached document for details on each exemption and links to the Published Delegated Directives for each.