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Positive Energy + Relevant Topics + Great Networking = One Successful 2019 Update Conference

Thursday February 14, 2019

Our thanks to the 175 attendees who braved ice-y weather at home to get to chilly Phoenix - they were not disappointed by their efforts.  The 2019 Update Conference proved once again why it is PMPA's premier networking conference - attendees were treated to more takeaways than ever and (thanks to a very robust speed networking session) took home additional business cards and met several new members!

Friday's full day of sessions found attendees learning about and hearing directly from their Industry peers as they shared stories on how they dealt with re-branding and creating company culture, employee engagement, and the transferring of "tribal knowledge" within their organizations. 

Saturday's content focused on business forecast and benchmarking, as economist Brian Beaulieu captivated everyone with his most current economic business analysis, and Steve Kline Jr. and Miles Free wow'd attendees with additional reinforcement in their "Numbers Game" presentation.  Dan Sharkey had quite the attendee following, between his general session tips on negotiating contracts, as well as his round table session.  And, the round table sessions were well attended, as we completed Day #2, adjourned the meeting, and moved on to a well-deserved closing reception!

Speaker Presentations

All the speaker presentations have been uploaded to the 2019 Update Conference summary page .  All presentations are password-protected - you'll need your PMPA passwords to access.  If you've forgotten your passwords, you can retrieve them HERE.

And, a big thanks to our conference sponsors - their (financial) participation has a key impact on the attendee conference experience!

PMPA Members Out-Perform the Industry...

Here’s an eye-opening fact from Miles Free's Benchmarking session at the Update Conference:

PMPA Active and Associate members represent only 6.7% of industry establishments, yet they produce over 21% of industry Shipments!

Our sales per shop average $14.8 million - almost 3X the industry average of $4.9 million according to U.S. Census.