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Change for the Better, Better Together!

Monday February 18, 2019

Announced February 7, 2019 at PMPA Update Meeting, Phoenix AZ

"Your PMPA executive team has a vision that advances the interests and deliverables available for our members, through collaboration and progress with our long time partners, Gardner Business Media.”

"Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” -Khalil Gibran

Dear PMPA member,

Your executive board (with the full support of your PMPA staff) has been working on a new approach to ensure that we continue to provide our members with the technical support, information and networking deliverables that our team has consistently delivered.

The changes of the past year were unexpected, but despite them, our staff has continued to perform and provide deliverables that make us more competitive in our businesses and operations. Our executive team has come together, evaluated many options, and through a vigorous process of strategic planning, we have identified a way forward-not to merely stabilize PMPA, but actually enhance it and make it even more sustainable.

"Better Together” is the approach that we have identified to combine the strengths of PMPA and those of our long-term partner, Gardner Business Media. Together PMPA and Gardner have served the precision machining industry – each by its own strengths. Considering our history of successful and profitable collaboration on the PMTS show, and Production Machining magazine, the surprise to our executive team was “why hadn’t this been considered before?”

"Better Together” describes our proposal to work with our long time partners at Gardner to develop a Management Services Agreement (MSA). This MSA starts with a six-month initial exploratory phase (Phase 1) that will lead us towards a long-term proposal to combine our strengths and staff to enhance the value we provide to our members.

This was approved at our Board meeting in Phoenix last week. In this phase, Gardner will assess PMPA organization and processes to identify opportunities to enhance performance- and create new and improved deliverables though our collaboration. “Better Together” is how we will collaborate- with both Gardner and PMPA staff bringing their unique strengths- to continue to deliver “Concierge Quality” services to our membership.

During Phase 1, Miles Free as Interim Director will assure that PMPA operations continue to serve our members. Gardner has assigned one of their board members, Ralph Nappi, who has substantial industry and non- profit leadership experience, to consult during Phase 1 to strategically evaluate and create a blueprint for our two organizations to become “Better Together. Both the Gardner and PMPA staffs bring strengths that, together, can enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of all of us – PMPA members, PMPA as an Organization, and Gardner.

The synergies of collaborating, and sharing talent are exciting. We envision a future where our staff has more opportunity to work on advanced deliverables for our members- enhancing and extending the resources when combined with the Gardner/ Production Machining team. Gardner brings opportunities to expand our reach and better market PMPA in our industry, and beyond. PMPA can provide Gardner with a better understanding of our manufacturing niche, helping them advance the quality of their Top Shops Benchmarking- that in turn can help our members improve their own performance.

I can tell you that I am excited at the possibilities. Our PMPA staff- led by Miles and Renee- are equally excited at the continuous improvements that they think this can have for their work on behalf of you, our members. In addition, the Gardner team continues to advance the conversation- to assure that the PMPA continues to be a vital resource for our members and the industry.

We are not proposing a merger- our collaboration will result in greatly enhanced benefits as it continues to support the unique cultures of PMPA and Gardner. We have a long history of success together. Our organizations have collaborated to make Production Machining and PMTS successful, jointly produced brands. We think that now is the perfect time to re-focus our collaboration so that together we can deliver even greater value to PMPA members. Reviewing our chapter programming and development efforts, member recruitment, and retention are other areas for attention as we work together.

We will have more details as this develops. After six months, our board will reevaluate the results of the Phase 1 trial and put a plan to move forward based on lessons learned.  However, I wanted you to know that your PMPA executive team has a vision that advances the interests and deliverables available for our members, through collaboration and progress with our long time partners, Gardner Business Media.

I am excited to be able to announce this development. Our board passed this unanimously at our meeting at the Renaissance Hotel in Phoenix Arizona.   Coincidence? We could not help but feel the positive energy of the symbolism of both Renaissance and Phoenix as we deliberated. Feel free to contact me, or any of the PMPA officers with your questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Looking forward to a "Better Together” member experience for all PMPA members,

Mike Reader
Precision Machined Products Association
262 743 1700

Melissa Kline-Skavlem

Chief Marketing Officer
Gardner Business media
513 527 8800

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