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PMPA Business Trends June 2020

Wednesday July 29, 2020

PMPA Business Trends Sales  Index for June 2020 recovers to 112, up 33% over April 2020 Calendar year low!

“This month’s 112 value is 37 points or 49.33% higher than the 2009 Calendar year average of 75 during the Great Recession.  We’re doing alright!”

 All forward-looking sentiment indicators for Sales, Lead Times, Employment and Profitability were also positive for the second consecutive month

Our respondents’ data showed that we outperformed the FED’s IP and Manufacturing indicators by a large margin.

We are in a far better place this time around then we were during the Great Recession. (Our Shops’s Sales are currently 49% higher than the Great Recession low)

These difficult times may just be the beginning of the best thing that has happened in manufacturing, as foreign supply chains continue to prove unreliable, and our shops and essential workers step in to fill the need for critical components.

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