OSHA Revised Field Operations Manual Available


OSHA has made available the Revised Field Operations Manual. This document contains a lot of useful information for companies, too. It “implements the OSHA Field Operations Manual (FOM),and replaces the September 26, 1994 Instruction that implemented the Field Inspection Reference Manual (FIRM). The FOM is a revision of OSHA’s enforcement policies and procedures manual that provides the field offices a reference document for identifying the responsibilities associated with the majority of their inspection duties.”

In my mind, the most important section for companies is Chapter 3, Inspection Procedures. It covers:

  • Information about how inspectors choose their target companies
  • The difference between comprehensive and partial inspections
  • Expectations at the pre-inspection conference
  • Review of a company’s own safety records (such as documentation of required training)
    the walk-around inspection itself
  • The closing conference, and
  • potential penalties

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