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Items for Sale

  • 1-7/16 RD 1215

    1-7/16 RD 1215
  • 1 5/16 HEX 12L14

    1 5/16 HEX 12L14
  • 1-3/16 RD 1144 STRESSPROOF

    1-3/16 RD 1144 STRESSPROOF
  • 1-1/8 RD 6020 T-8 ALUM

    1-1/8 RD 6020 T-8 ALUM
  • 2007 Hydromat EPIC CNC 12 Station Trunnion

    Steal at $195,000 Ebay Listing here Comes Equipped with: Touchscreen Operator Control. Knoll VRF500 Vacuum Drum Coolant Tank/Conveyor System with High pressure coolant pump (400-500 PSI variable with set-up) prepared for water soluble use. 12’ Automatic bar feeder magazine with bar separator. EPIC 200-45DD Single axis servo cut off unit. (3) EPIC 36/100 HF single axis servo high frequency toolspindle units. (2) EPIC 26/80 single axis servo toolspindle units. (2) 26/80 FQ (flanged quill) EPIC single axis servo toolspindle units. (2) EPIC 36/100 single axis servo toolspindle units. (2) EPIC 36/100 CF (Coolant thru tool) toolspindle units. (5) DH HSK32/25 Drill/Tap Heads. (2) DH HSK 40/40 Drill/Tap heads. (2) THR HSK 40/16 Rough Turning Heads. (1) FK 26-4 (flanged quill) Milling head. (1) QBE 261/11 single spindle (flanged quill) cross drilling head. (4) 1-axis moving flanges (stations 4V, 5V, 6V, and 7V). (1) 2-axis moving flange (station 9V). (2) radially adjustable flanges. (2) BK Mikro 4 tool contact monitoring drill detector units. Available at additional cost Hydromat H250 “Basic” tool presetter by Zoller. Rego-Fix BMT200/50 Balancing Machine. Spare parts
  • 1/4 Hx 1215

    1/4 Hx 1215 12 foot bar stock 2118lbs
  • 7/8 Stainless

    7/8 Stainless Steel 12 foot bar stock 687lbs
  • 17/32 Rd 1215

    17/32 Rd 1215 Steel 12 foot bar stock 559lbs

Items Wanted

  • Front Milling attachment (End Working)

    Wanted Front Milling Attachment for a Mory-Say / Eurotun 6-32 8/32 8/42
  • Roto-Rack

    ROyal Products Roto-Rack parts collector for CNC lathe
  • LNS Servo S2 or S3

    Short bar loader LNS Servo S2 or S3
  • ESCO New Mach (NM 64x)

    ISO - We are looking for a few ESCO New Mach machines. Could be a 641-647 - 2012 +/- is fine. Running condition.
  • #2 Brown & Sharpe

    #2 3/4" Brown & Sharpe screw machine
  • Hardinge/Omni Lathe

    wanted Hardinge/OmniTurn retro Lathe, with Zip Loader preferred.
  • 9/16" Acme

    We are considering adding 9/16 " National Acmes to our line. Since we never ran 9/16" Acmes at Kerr, we are looking for some feedback - Pros and Cons. If anyone has a couple of good machines for sale, please let us know. Thanks in advance
  • 11/32" Hex 303 CD Ann Stainless Steel

    We are in need of: 11/32" Hexagon 303 CD Ann Stainless Steel per ASTM A582 500# - 750# DFARS compliant Test Reports required Heat Trace required