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Items for Sale

  • 12L14 steel

    Two boundles @ 2,465 Lbs. of 1-5/8" round, grade 12L14 steel, 12 foot lengths. Some light rust on the O.D. Machines very good. Asking $48.00 cwt.
  • Star ECAS-32T Swiss CNC Lathe

    Star ECAS-32T (2004) with FMB 3-38 Barloader Dependable Swiss for larger diameter parts
  • LNS Bar Feed Express 226

    LNS Hydrobar Express 226. Machine is currently running on a Star CNC Swiss Bar feed is in good working condition. Serial # 100266 Mfg - 1999
  • Miyano LM11 CNC 4 spindle Chucking machine CNC lathe

    Miyano LM11 4 spindle CNC chucking machine, chip conveyor, tool holders, foot petal operated hydraulic chucks, FANUC OTT control, can be adapted to robot loading I can email photos upon request

    Fowler 0-22" X-Depth Dial Depth Gage 52-125-006-1 LIKE NEW ASKING $175
  • Tubular Inside Micrometer

    Starrett 823EZ Tubular Inside Micrometer 4-40 inch asking $460
  • Digital Depth Mic

    Mitutoyo 571-212-10 Absolute Depth Gage 0-8" new Asking $285

    Mitutoyo 18 inch vernier calipers. Brand new. Still in original plastic. Model # 160-116A size 18 inch Asking $425

Items Wanted

  • Doosan-CNC Lathe

    Looking for a used machine; well maintained in operating condition. Doosan Puma TT 1800SY Multi Tasking CNC Lathe w/sub spindle
  • 1-3/4” tool slide cam - Acme

    1-3/4” tool slide cam for a 1-5/8 RBN8 Acme - Need soon, willing to rent or buy.
  • Acme Screw Machine

    Looking for a 1 1/4-6 Acme. Must have universal conveyor, pickoff and back finish. Does not need to be in great shape.
  • Alloy 430

    1" or larger round. Our immediate need is 1,200 lbs. We would purchase up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Bar Loader for A32 Citizen Swiss

    Looking for an Edge C332 bar loader ready to match with an existing A32 Citizen Swiss
  • Acme or Cone

    Looking to purchase a 6 or 8 spindle stopping Acme or Conematic
  • wire parts baskets

    In need of several wire mesh stackable parts baskets with handles & various mesh hole sizes for smaller parts & larger parts. Stainless steel preferred. Lids not required. Preferred dimensions are L =17.0" W = 10.750 H= 4"
  • Rotary Slotter

    Davenport 1232-132-50-SA Heavy Duty Rotary Slotting Attachment