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Items for Sale

  • Acme Screw Machines

    For sale (2 each) 1 1/4 x 6 Acme screw machines. These machines have been in heated storage, coated in cosmolene since 1983. Both are in very good condition and both have universal threading, toolholders and assortment of gears. I can email pictures and additional specs.
  • .412" Silicon Core Iron (Carpenter BFM)

    .412" round Silicon Core Iron (Carpenter BFM) 485 bars / 2,522 lbs in inventory
  • 430 FR SS (.386") $1.25lb

    17,474 lbs. (3,694 bars) of "ground" .386” +.001”/-0.000” round 430FR SS, HRB 82-91 Hot rolled-annealed bright ground DFARS Compliant Paid $3.25 lb Asking $1.25 per lb for the lot
  • 430 FR SS (.386")

    17,474 lbs. (3,694 bars) of "ground" .386” +.001”/-0.000” round 430FR SS, HRB 82-91 Hot rolled-annealed bright ground DFARS Compliant Paid $3.25 lb Asking $1.25 per lb for the lot
  • Aercology mist smoke collector

    One each of E200 and E500 Aercology Mist/Smoke Collector. Includes motor, fan and filter.
  • Davenport Standard Size Collets

    We have approximately 800 (regular) size davenport collets of various sizes for sale. All in good to excellent shape with many brand new still in original Hardinge boxes. Contact Steven Hobson for more information.
  • Miyano LM 11 CNC 4 spindle

    Miyano LM 11 CNC 4 spindle chucking machine.This is a great machine for turning castings, forgings, slugs, etc. for automotive and other high volume parts. Has 6 inch dia chucks, the 2 lower spindles allow machining of both sides of a part simultaneously while loading/unloading the upper spindles.Can be retrofitted for robot loading, Under power , good running machine.
  • Jarke Mini-Module racks

    Jarke models SZCX and SZBX . Interlocking , stackable racks for storing bar stock near your machine Price: $45 for large size $35 for smaller size

Items Wanted

  • 2-1/4" NB Mod 62

    Looking for very good production machine including threading, pickoff & back finish.
  • Acme 1-1/4 RA6

    Looking for very good condition production machine with threading, pickoff & Back finishing
  • LNS Quickload Servo S3

    LNS Quickload Servo S3 short bar loader
  • Euroturn Threading Spindle

    Threading Spindle for Euroturn 6/32, 8/32 Multi Spindle. Turlo & Delvecchio, IMG, etc. Do not need the drive components but could use them if available. Anything surplus to needs would be of interest.
  • Knurl Holder, Clamp Style

    Schlitter's #49-8 or Slater's #KTE-2365 Need one of these holders. Can only get from suppliers in quantities of 3 or more. Hoping someone has a good condition one laying around looking for a good home.
  • 420 SS

    420 SS .135" DIA x 12' bar stock (or larger)
  • 430F or 430FR

    Bar stock
  • MP System CS30

    Chiller for cutting oil (not coolant) to be mounted on Miyano or Nakamura. Can used CS30 or CS36 model for this application.