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Items for Sale

  • CNC Acmes - Seib & Myer Controls

    We have a package of large CNC and conventional acmes for sale. Individual CNC machines asking 30k Entire package asking 85k Photo's on ebay Equipment was used to produce fluid couplings for construction equipment. Customer closed plant. 3) 2-5/8’ six spindles with recent CNC Sieb & Myer retrofits, 1) old 2-5/8 8SP, 1) 1-5/8” 8 sp parts machine, (Seib & Myer) 1) 2-5/8 6 sp parts machine 1) 4” 6 SP, Martin master collets 1) 1-5/8 sp alot of tooling Possible trade for Hydromat items or ?? other items.
  • Iemca CH 220/37 Barloader

    This 12' Iemca barloader is used and in great working condition. It was paired with a Tsugami BS18 lathe. - Model: CH220/37 - Serial No.: 97102004 - Year of Manufacture: 1997 - Max Length Barstock: 12'
  • Tornos BS20 w/ Euro-Loader (Giovanni Cucchi) Barloader

    This Tornos BS20 includes a barloader and a Servo drive upgrade package on the cam shaft, as well as attachments for pickoff and backworking, rotating and non-rotating holders, collets, drills, tools, cams, and gears. Barloader Year Manufactured: 2007 Number of Spindles: 8 Spindle speed: 620 – 5000 rpm Dimensions: 5407x1390x1645 mm Weight: 5400 kg
  • Hardinge Conquest GT CNC Lathe and LNS Hydrobar Barfeeder

    This Hardinge Conquest GT CNC lathe and LNS barfeeder are used but in great working condition. Included are assorted toolholders, two rigid dovetail tool top plates, and a programming and operation manual. This lathe ran oil-only. - Tooling Station: Gang Tool - Hours of Operation: 87,875
  • Haas VF-0 Vertical Mill w/ HA5C 4-Head Rotary Table Indexer

    This 1998 VF-0 mill and HA5C two-axis indexer are used and in great working condition. These items were paired together and both ran oil-only. VF-0 Mill Specifications: - 20 HP spindle - 7000 RPM - 3 axis with 5 axis capabilities - X axis travel 20” - Y axis travel 16” - Z axis travel 20”
  • Miyano BNC 34T

    1990 Miyano BNC 34T with bar loader. 1.312" bar capacity. 4.75" chuck capacity.
  • AML 2-5 Magazine Bar Loader

    1997 AML 2-5 magazine loader. 1" bar capacity. 12' length capacity.
  • FMB Mini Turbo Bar Magazine Loader

    1999 FMB Mini Turbo bar loader. 1" max capacity. 12' bar capacity.

Items Wanted

  • Emco Maier 420MC

    Currently looking for Emco Maier 420MC Lathes. Could use with or without bar loader.
  • Ty Miles Broach

    Looking for a 5T-48" Ty Miles broach or similar
  • Davenport screw machine

    Davenport Model B ¾” O.S. Standard bed – (can use long bed) Threading Overhead Pick Off Standard stock reel (no bar loader)
  • LNS Quick Load Servo S3

    LNS Quick Load Servo S3 bar loader
  • 1" Ra\Ran - 6 Acme

    Looking for 1" Acme Multi Spindle machines Preference: Pick Off and Back Finish, Air Threading, Drill Saddles and Chip Conveyor. Will also consider any Gears, Cams, and tooling that might be available.
  • Aluminum 6262 B221 Hx 2.500

    Looking to purchase 6262 Hx 2.5000 10,000 Lbs.
  • Citizen

    Looking for a late model 32 or 20mm Citizen with bar loader, HP coolant, chip conveyor, and mist collector that ran oil. Prefer "A" model but not married to it. Looking to acquire within the next 4 weeks.
  • Tool Crib Storage Cabinets

    Looking to buy used - Tool Crib Storage Cabinets • Brand: Lista • 9-14 drawer • Good or excellent condition • Will purchase 2-3 cabinets