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Items for Sale

  • 1 " ran-6 Acme

    1" ran 6 spindle acme with pick off and back finishing does have threading spindle but no clutch this machine was running parts last week need gone asap
  • Ty-Miles Broaching machine

    For sale Ty-Miles vertical broaching machine 6 ton x 36 inch stroke I can email photos upon request
  • Tool & Cutter Grinder

    For Sale: Cincinnati #2 Tool and Cutter Grinder Has the tilt head, lots of attachments. Nice condition I can email photos
  • Stock Reels & Stands for 1-1/4" RA-6 Acme Gridley

    Stock Reels & Stands for 1-1/4" RA-6 Acme Gridley 3 available 2 extended length (16') 1 standard length (9') Will not separate stock reel & stand. Good working condition (exc. 1 of the extended length stock reels will need several tubes replaced). Pictures available upon request.
  • FMB Turbo 5-55

    FMB Turbo 5-55 barfeed including 32mm and 42mm channel sets
  • 7/16" round 6042-T5511 material

    We have approximately 1,400 lbs. of 7/16" round 6042-T5511 material to sell. $2.25/lb.
  • Jarke Material Racks

    Jarke models SZCX and SZBX. Interlocking , stackable racks for storing bar stock near your machine Price: $45 for large size $35 for smaller size SZCX 22x22x15 5,600 lb. capacity SZBX 19x19x14 3,700 lb capacity Picture is off the Jarke website.
  • Sub Spindle

    New in the crate Complete Sub Spindle for Miyano BNE 34S or 34SY machines

Items Wanted

  • 20 MM square stainless bar 303

    Looking for 20 MM square stainless bar, grade 303
  • Takamaz XC-100

    Looking for used or surplus Takamaz Lathe Model: XC-100, X-100, or X 10i . with autoload / unload Gantry . Prefer to have 3 jaw gripper - swivel head gantry. with or without stacker loader. 6" chuck - three jaw
  • Stock Reel & Stand for 51NB

    Looking for a Stock Reel & Stand for 51NB. Any condition.
  • Mitutoyo Contracer

    Looking for a Mitutoyo Contracer in good working order.
  • 3/4" O.S. Davenport

    Looking to purchase a 3/4" oversized Davenport. Would consider standard or long-bed if available.
  • 2-1/4"-6 Wickman

    Good quality 2-1/4" 6 Wickman with Universal threading.
  • Alloy Steel

    Looking for bars stock 3/16" to 1/4" in these grades. 4150, 6150 or 8650 500-1000 lbs Supplier Recommendations also appreciated. Mill Min is currently 8,000 lbs.
  • 1-1/4” RA-6 Acme Gridley

    Looking for a 1-1/4” RA-6 Acme Gridley -Universal Threading in 4th position -Pickoff in 5th position -Universal chip conveyor Good condition or better.