Buy Detail Page

  • 2" RB-8 Acme Multi Spindle

    Currently have a need for a 2" RB-8 Acme Multi Spindle Machine, Very Good condition to replace machine currently in need of considerable repair.
  • #2 Ultra Brownie

    #2 Ultra Brown & Sharpe 1 5/8" in good shape. cross slide circular tool holder posts, with bar feed and stand.
  • Kurt D50 (5') vise

    5 inch D50 Kurt AngLock vise (not a clone/"knock off").

  • Star static tool holder

    331-22-00 static drill holder for STAR swiss type machine.
  • Haas mill manual 1992

    we need a mill manual for a Haas VF1 mill dated in 1992. and a 5C collet closer for the indexer.
  • Citizen BL12 Type V

    Looking for a Citizen BL12 Type V with a bar loader interface.
  • Slotting Attachment

    Slotting Saw Attachment for a #2 Brown & Sharpe Ultramatic.
  • Hydromat Inverter Series 40

    This is the big one. it inverts the part end to end.
  • .317 SQ. 12L14 material

    .318 - .320 Square 12L14 Material 12' ft. length preferable. Need to purchase 2,000 - 4,000 lbs. or please provide minimum amounts.
  • Mori

    NL2500SY/700 CNC Lathe with short bar loader NLX2000SY CNC Lathe with short bar loader NZX2000SY CNC lathe twin turret with short bar loader
  • Miyano

    BNE-51SY CNC lathe with twin turrets and short bar loader
  • Tornos BS20 stock reel & stand

    Looking for a stock reel and stand for an eight spindle Tornos BS20
  • 1-1/16 Rd 6262 T9

    1-1/16 Rd 6262 T9
  • O-ring installation machine

    We would like to make our O-ring installation easier. We are looking for a unit that would handle O-ring sizes ranging between prox. .500" - 1.000".
  • Universal Recessing Attachment

    Looking for a good universal recessing attachment for either a Model 52 or Model 81 New Britain machine. They seem to be rare!
  • Star ECAS 20 Parts

    I am in search of spare parts for Star ECAS 20. Looking for any information as to where or whom I can contact regarding spare Servo Motors and Axis Drives.
  • 2" RB-6 Acme Collet Chucker

    Wanted: 2"-RB6 Acme Collet Chucker - Prefer a spindle stopping machines. No Attachments required/needed
  • endworking drill attch.

    we are looking for a BSE3107 end working attachment for our A20 VII Citizen serial # AC0312 2008 machine.
  • front live drill attch.

    Citizen BSE407 3 Front end face drill spindle for our A20 VII .