Buy Detail Page

  • Thread Rolling Attachment

    Winters 160SA attachment for Wickman
  • Chuck Arrangement

    Looking for a 10" 2 jaw chuck arrangement
  • 1-1/4" -8 RB8 Acme Gridley Screw Machines

    Need to be equipped with Universal Threading, Pick-Off, 6 position Slide and etc.
  • Measuring Microscope

    Nikon MM400/800 series, or OGP Smart Scope series 250, or similar model
  • Chip Cart Acme style

    Looking for 1-2 good used Chip Carts, Acme style, 3 or 4 caster. Prefer Michigan area.
  • 1-5/8-8 VNA

    Vanamatic is looking for Surplus 1-5/8-8 VNA Conomatic machine. Interested in good working machines. May be interested in parts machines depending on location.
  • OmniTurn GT-75 Series II or III

    Gang style CNC Chucker in good condition
  • Acme Chip Conveyor

    Hinge type conveyor for 1" RAN-6 Acme.
  • Wire EDM

    Sodick Wire EDM. We prefer a AQ325L or AQ327L.
  • 1/2" #00 Brown & Sharpe

    Hello members, We are looking to purchase a Brown & Sharpe #00 screw machine, preferably with a bar feeder. We are looking for a machine that is in good-excellent working condition that is ready to begin running production. Any information regarding the above would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • PMPA Test Item #2

    This is PMPA test #2 (sorry for the intrusion!) Renee, PMPA
  • Sq. D Breaker

    Sq. D breaker NEHB 3 POLE 80 amp 480 v screw type breaker
  • 1095 steel

    1/8 rd . 1095 ASTM-A108 STEEL 1/8 or larger, but need 1/8.
  • Acme 7/16 RA6

    Looking for multiple 7/16" Acme Gridley Screw Machines
  • Pt. no. 849-60SA Davenport coolant pump

    Hello members, We are looking for a new or used Davenport Pt. no. 849-60SA coolant Pump. We have checked our usual sources and most do not have immediate delivery. Any information on the above would be appreciated.
  • Profilometer

    Need to buy a quality, calibrated, profilometer. Some options include: Hommel-Etamic W10 and W20 Mitutoyo SJ410 and SJ210
  • 62-2 Shave head

    We are looking for a Schlitter 62-2 or 62-2G shave head.
  • PRAB Chip System

    Looking for Prab E-Series Chip System with shredder (loader if possible) in good working condition.
  • Tool Crib Storage Cabinets

    Looking to buy used - Tool Crib Storage Cabinets • Brand: Lista • 9-14 drawer • Good or excellent condition • Will purchase 2-3 cabinets
  • Citizen

    Looking for a late model 32 or 20mm Citizen with bar loader, HP coolant, chip conveyor, and mist collector that ran oil. Prefer "A" model but not married to it. Looking to acquire within the next 4 weeks.