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  • Strohm M-125 Cam Swiss Machine (Similar to Tornos R10)

    Strohm M125 (Similar to Tornos R10) This Strohm M125 machine, similar to a Tornos R10, is used and still in great working condition. This M125 often cycles much faster than a CNC Swiss type machine and offers very economic production for that high volume job at a fraction of the investment. This listing is just for the machine and does not include the barloader. We had this particular machine paired with an IEMCA barfeeder. Also being offered is a turnkey-setup, including all tooling and runoff, at an extra cost depending on part requirements. Please contact us for any additional information or questions. Buyer is responsible for setting up and paying for freight shipping on this item. Dimensions: 42" x 24" x 60" Weight: 2,000lbs Lateral turning tools: 5 Spindle speed: 1120 - 10,000RPM Turning length: 3.9" / stroke Price: $2,500
  • INDEX ABC CNC Lathe with Bar Loader and Chip Conveyor

    INDEX ABC CNC Lathe with Bar Loader and Chip Conveyor This Index ABC machine is used and still in great working condition. Listing is for a complete unit as shown in the pictures. Please contact us for any additional information or questions. Buyer is responsible for setting up and paying for freight shipping on this item, and then contacting us for scheduling. Spindle max speed: 6,000 RPM Synchronous spindle max speed: 4,500 RPM Weight: 2,500 Lbs Tool turrets: 4 Year of Manufacture: 1998 Price: $39,000
  • 3/8" Delrin

    10' long rods, we have over 500 of them and need to get them out of shop.
  • Various 16C COLLET

    An assortment of various 16C Collets. Please email me if you wish to have a list of the 16C Collets. Prefer to sell as a lot, best offer.
  • Scrap Trailer

    Heavy Gage fully water(oil) proof scrap trailers for Brownies--worked on 2G's, OG's Ultramatics---most have drain plug--Size is approximate but the different sizes we have can be provided.
  • 37 mm Hex 1215

    2179 lbs of 37 MM Hex 1215 with mill certs available for $0.40/lb + shipping or best offer.
  • Miyano

    Miyano CNC Lathes. 6 machines: All machines have live tooling and bar feeders: BND34S5 with LNS bar feeder, BND34S2 with IEMCA bar feeder BND34T2 with IEMCA bar feeder BND42S2with LNSbar feeder BND51C with LNS bar feeder All machines under power and in great shape can email photos upon request
  • MasterTask Operator Instructions for Escomatic D6-R Lathe

    This is a full training program for operator and instructor. This Master Task program is 5 three ring binders full. Again, this is for the Escomatic D6-R Automatic Lathe.
  • Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

    3 machines for Sale (Surplus to our needs): Acme 2” RB-6 Ser.# 41850 Magnetic conveyor Royal mist collector Threading clutch. (No hanger or spindle) Stock reel and stand ` Good machine New Britain Model 62 2-1/4 cap. Ser. # 36700 No threading Chip conveyor Stock reel and stand Fair to good condition New Britain Model 62 2-1/4 cap. Ser. # 74227 Hydraulic threading Chip Conveyor Stock reel and stand Good condition (Cycle “off” system needs repair.)
  • Bar Stock Racks

    Jarke DX Mini Modules 26"W x 16"D x 23-1/2"H 7,500 lbs. capacity per rack. $75.00 ea.
  • Trinco Tumble Blaster

    The TrincoTM Tumble Blaster is designed for high volume automatic tumble blasting of small parts. The large 14” x 12” barrel holds approximately 50 pounds of parts. Simply load barrel, close door, set timer, and turn on Dust Collector. Barrel turns at a 6 RPM, gently exposing all parts to the blast stream. When timer expires, parts are finished and ready for unloading! Includes: 14x12 Trinco Tumble Blaster, Abrasive seperator 450RC and Dust colletctor system. $2,500 total
  • screw machines

    (2) Acme 1 1/4 x 6 multi spindle screw machines with universal threading. (3) Wickman multi spindle screw machines, sizes: 1 x 6, 1 3/4 x 6, 2 1/4 x 6 All machines have been in storage for aprox 15 years, coated in cosmolene, All are in good running condition
  • FMT rotary basket parts washing system

    One FMT rotary basket parts washing system, type TD3-100, Model 8RB50 Stainless clad, runs and cleans well. 1995 machine uses detergent to automatically clean 8 ( 50lb each) baskets through a wash, spray, immersion, rinse and dry cycle.
  • Star CNC Swiss

    2 each ; Star SR 20-R2 CNC Swiss Turn Machines. These 2 machines are in perfect condition (LIKE NEW). Machine #1 has 1049 hours total time Machine #2 has 1860 hours total time. Both machines equipped with Edge Technologies magazine bar feeders and tooling Pictures available Call: 812 466 2885 Email:
  • 2-5/8" Rd 4140 STEEL

    Surplus Steel For Sale 12' Bars With Certifications
  • 3" Rd 4140 Steel

    Surplus Steel For Sale 12' Bars With Certifications
  • Acme 1" RAN

    Acme Gridley 6 spindle screw machine Air Threading 4th pos Pickoff/Back finishing $25,000
  • Carbon, Alloy, Stainless Barstock

    .3750 RD 316 STAINLESS 400 10MM ROUND 304 STAINLESS (+0.00/-0.002") 12' BARS CHAMFERED ON ONE END; 304 Spec - Material must conform to UNS S30400 per ASTM A240M 217 .5000 RD 12L14 225 0.500" (+/-0.0005") ROUND 12' BARSTOCK 4140 WITH HRC 32-36 238 .5000 RD 41L50 3600 .618 +/-.0005 ROUND CG 4140 ANNEALED RL BAR STOCK. CERTIFICATION OF MATERIAL REQUIRED. 648 .625 +/-.0005 ROUND CG 1144 RL BAR STOCK. 28 0.65" round 41L40 (+/-0.0005") centerless ground and straightened to 1/16" in 5 feet, 12' bars 1252 .680 +/-.0005 DIA TYPE FATIGUE PROOF GROUND AND POLISHED TO 140,000 PSI MINIMUM TENSILE STRENGTH WITH THE TENSILE STRENGTH CORRELATED TO A 27 TO 35 RC RANGE. MATERIAL IN ACCORDANCE TO ASTM A108-99 A29-99 MAG TESTED. BARS TO BE 100% ULTRASONIC TESTED OFF LINE. CERTIFICATION OF MATERIAL REQUIRED WITH EACH SHIPMENT. MATERIAL TO BE BOXED AND BARS TO BE RUST PREVENATIVE COATED TO PROTECT THE FINISH. 3163 .6875 RD 41L40 995 .7500" ROUND 1018 STEEL ASTM A108 23 .7500 +/-.00102 RD STAINLESS UNS S30300 TYPE 303 STAINLESS STEEL UGIMA XL SMQ BY 12 FOOT RL. MATERIAL MUST BE MANUFACTURED BY SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH IN BATAVIA, IL 215 0.7500" ROUND FATIGUE PROOF CD BAR 144" BAR LENGTH (-0"/+2") 18 0.8000"RD PURE CUT 40 (+/-) 0.0005. MATERIAL CERTS REQUIRED WITH SHIPMENT. 2355 0.8125" ROUND E 52100 CENTERLESS GROUND (+/-0.0005") ASTM A295 BOTH ENDS CHAMFERED 12' BARS (+/-0.0005") 21 .8125 SQUARE BAR BY 12 FOOT RANDOM LENGTH 1425 0.8750.RD.E52100.ALLOY.CF.SPH ANN.BQ.120.0000-156.0000 Specification(s): AMS.2301 AMS.6440 ASTM.A108 ASTM.A295 ASTM.A892 UNS.G52986 125 1.125 DIAMETER 1215 STEEL 4004 1.1875 RD TELCUT 40 180 1.2500 RD ETD 150 CF BAR STOCK 775 Product: EF-E-4140, to spec MTS-ST-000012 DTD 6/12/02, AQ for cleanliness, Process; anneal, cold draw, stress relieve anneal, chamfer both ends, mag test restricted quality, report physicals bar straightness
  • OASIS ELITE 2348

    Field of view 1.7" x 1.4", premium software add-on, thread module, manual rotary stage 2348, #H-10 universal punch concentricity gage, various indicators, indicator stand, height gage and more.

    Automated Vertex 251 HC (10x6x6”) Measurement Machine .4 m resolution scales, includes computer system which is integral to monitor, allows for import of 3D CAD models. A number of attachments included.