Sell Detail Page

  • 416 .2570

    Material ID# 416 .2570
  • C544 .184

    Material ID# C544 .184
  • 416 .2560

    Material ID# 416 .2560
  • 420 .2895

    Material ID# 420 .2895
  • Used Gages

    Large selection of used gages
  • Wickman screw machi

    Wickman multispindle screw machine. this machine has been stored for over 20 years, in a heated warehouse and not installed
  • Wickmam screw mach

    Wickman screw machine, Purchased used in 1993 and has been stored in heated warehouse. I have not used this machine since I purchased it. Includes gears and single point threading attachment
  • Wickman screw machine

    Wickman multi spindle screw machine. Purchased used in 1987 and stored in heated warehouse since. Not installed since 1987. Includes gears and some tooling
  • 15/16" RD 6061 Aluminum

    1,814 lbs of 15/16" RD 6061 Aluminum at 12 ft length. Certs available with shipment.
  • 1" OD Steel D.O.M. Tube

    1" OD x 3/4" ID Steel D.O.M. Tube
  • HYDROMAT HW25-12

    CGL has capacity on our HW25-12 Hydromats If you need to outsource work, please contact us. We are ISO/TS-16949 certified.
  • 10mm rd 12L14 steel

    10mm (.3937) rd 12L14 steel, 12ft. lengths, material certs available with shipment.
  • 10mm rd 12L14 steel

    10mm (.3937) rd 12L14 steel, 12ft. lengths, material certs available with shipment.
  • 7/8rd 316 stainless steel

    7/8 rd 316 stainless steel, 12ft lengths. Material certs available with shipment
  • LNS Hydrobar Bar Feeder

    Mini Sprint S2, 12' bar rotary bar feeder Built in 2000 S/N 46002 230 Volt 3 phase 60 Hz 1.5 Amp, 24 Volt Control
  • Turbo Conveyor

    Chip Conveyor from Citizen L25/32 Swiss CNC Model 648986 Built in 2000, S/N 355252
  • Cool Blaster

    Marubeni Citizen-Cincom High pressure coolant system Model 3CB 3BHDI-208-I-4LO S/N 03102358 4 Hi pressure ports on unit
  • 7/16 rd 12L14 steel

    7/16 rd 12L14 steel, 122LBS, 12ft lengths. Material certs available with shipment.
  • 5/8 Hex 12L14 steel

    5/8 Hex 12L14 steel, 12ft lenghts, material certs available with shipment.
  • Tesa Scan 25 Profile Measuring System

    Used in mint condition. Supplied with Dell Optiplex 280 PC, mouse, Windows XP SP2 operating system, monitor, US keyboard, Pro-Measure software with Users Manual on a CD. All cables and cords included along with the calibration piece, software and tooling. Also includes v-clamps with jaws from 0-24mm (see photos). Buyer pays shipping. This machine is clean and in good working order. It was last calibrated and cleaned by the dealer in November of 2015.