PMPA Awards

The Precision Machined Products Association bestows the following distinguished awards to individuals of our member companies:

Frank T. McGinnis Merit Award

The Merit Award is the Association’s highest award, conferred only upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.  First presented in 1943, the Merit Award recognizes the recipient’s contributions and continued service for the benefit of the Association and the Industry above and beyond the duties of any appointed or elected Association office.  Presented only when an individual has clearly met the requirements, the award is not given every year.  Eligibility for the PMPA Merit Award extends to any employee of any member company.

In recognition of Frank T. McGinnis who served the Association as its Executive Vice President from 1952 to 1992, the Executive Committee in 1993 renamed the Merit Award the Frank T. McGinnis Merit Award.

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Gold Micrometer Award

In recognition of forty years of service to the Precision Machined Products Industry, a gold-plated, engraved, working micrometer is awarded each year to member company executives who have completed forty years of service in the Industry.  The Executive Committee approves applicants based on established criteria announced to members annually.


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2017 PMPA Annual Awards Banquet
October 29, 2017
Hotel Nikko
San Francisco, California

2017 Frank T. McGinnis Merit Award
Merit Award - Jeff Ohlemacher
2016 PMPA President Doug Coster presents Jeffrey Ohlemacher, EMC Precision, with the 2017 Frank T. McGinnis Merit Award. 

2017 Gold Micrometer Award
2017 Gold MIC - Tom Bernstein
Tom Bernstein Jr., Torin Products, Inc., is awarded the 2017 Gold Micrometer Award.

2017 Gold Micrometer Award

2017 Gold MIC - John Detterbeck
Also accepting the 2017 Gold Micrometer Award - John L. Detterbeck, Lester Detterbeck Enterprises Ltd.

2017 Gold MIC - Greg Knight
Gregory Knight, Absolute Machine Tools, is awarded the 2017 Gold Micrometer Award.

2017 Gold MIC - Dale Mantel
Dale Mantel, Mantel Machine Products Inc., accepts the 2017 Gold Micrometer Award.