National Technical Conference
May 3 - May 5, 2020
Milwaukee, WI



SUNDAY May 3, 2020



Keynote Lunch


Rudy Ruettinger


Game Plans for Winning in Life




Block 1


Rapid Fire Technology You Can Use

PMPA Information Technology-Future of Manufacturing Committee

Fundamental Track


The PMPA Information Technology-Future of Manufacturing Committee will be discussing a myriad of technology solutions such as machine monitoring, dashboard management, screen share recording, Microsoft Streams, engineering calculation apps, Office 365 planning, hardware tools, co-bots, 3-D printing, Arduino boards, snippet tool, keyboard shortcuts, OneDrive, and camera as scanner apps.





Escape Game: Win the Contract

Ron Herrera, Erie Specialty Products

Mastery Track


An “escape game style”, team-building experience. Randomly selected teams will need to work together to solve clues and “win the contract” before time runs out! (Limited to 80 participants.)





CNC Multi-Spindle

Job Layout Session


This roundtable session will discuss the challenges of a specific CNC multi-spindle part and the many ways to consider those challenges from both an engineering and operator standpoint.





Technical Member Tables

Don’t miss the PMPA Technical tabletop exhibits of their latest and greatest! Have a drink and enjoy the intimate environment which allows for valuable one-on-one discussions with a wide variety of vendors so you can compare in one place.


BONUS for booth visitors: A chance to win a Notre Dame football helmet signed by Rudy, a Ring Video Doorbell or a HERO7 Go Pro!



MONDAY May 4, 2020








Swiss Part Process

Greg Knight, Absolute Machine Tools

Philip Judt, Absolute Machine Tools

Fundamentals Track


Learn the Fundamentals of the Swiss Part Process from start to finish. You will learn how to determine whether the part is best fit for Swiss or fixed headstock turning and why. Learn which Swiss lathe model is best for which parts, and a brief exploration of the varieties of Swiss-turn choices. Explore tooling choices, how to divide the work between spindles, and what options are available. Finally, the basics of making a part as well as tips and tricks to help make your part processes more repeatable.




Leaded vs Unleaded

Miles Free, PMPA

Mastery Track


Despite RoHS, WEEED, ELV, REACH, and California Prop 65 regulations, Leaded steels are the raw material of choice for applications with high order quantities, high quality, extensive machining, and critical surface finish requirements. Join PMPA’s Miles Free as he reviews the regulations, the materials, and the science and economics of machining leaded steels- and what you need to adjust when moving to non-leaded alternatives.





Protecting Your Company’s Data

Rich Henning, Henning Software

Dave Seabrook, Micron Manufacturing Co

Administrative Track


Ransomware is more common than ever. Protect your company data and get suggestions for what to do if you are targeted. Rich and Dave have identified the core considerations you must make to understand this business-threatening issue. This presentation will help simplify the threat of ransomware and recommend things you can do now. Understand the risks and costs of data systems security and what it could mean to your company.





CNC Multi-Function Print

Job Layout Session


This roundtable session will discuss the challenges of a specific CNC multi-function part and the many ways to consider those challenges from both an engineering and operator standpoint.







Materials for the Machinist

Bob Drab, Corey Steel

Fundamentals Track


How many times have you been machining a part and then run into a problem bundle or heat of material? Sometimes there are obvious reasons while there are more subtle reasons other times. We will be discussing the manufacture of steel machining bar (carbon, alloy, stainless, and will touch on nickel base alloys as well) and how the steel manufacturing process can affect the machinability of materials.





CNC Programing

Mike Lynch, CNC Concepts

Mastery Track


The CNC program is at the heart of any CNC operation. Indeed, the success of any CNC job is directly related to the quality of the CNC program. Properly developed programs are easy to run, safe, and efficient. Poorly developed programs confuse operators, can be dangerous, and often result in wasted time, effort and money. Mike will present programming insight into what goes into safe, and efficient programs so that your operators aren’t full time crisis intervention.





Data Driven Management

Don Davies, DP Technology

Administrative Track


Have you made the switch to data-driven management? Don Davies of DP Technology shares why using data to quantify your organization’s successes and opportunities for improvement is a proven way to stay ahead of the competition, improve individual accountability, and predict trends before they begin. When “the way we’ve always done it” isn’t delivering, Don argues that it’s time to turn to the numbers.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to implement data-driven management practices, improve transparency between departments, and adapt your organization’s strategies based on what you discover. Don’t be afraid of data—learn how to use it to build your future success.





Swiss Print

Job Layout Session


This roundtable session will discuss the challenges of a specific Swiss part and the many ways to consider those challenges from both an engineering and operator standpoint.







GD&T Fundamentals

Gary Griffith, Griffith Training

Fundamentals Track


This session will cover datums and datum simulators. It will then go on to cover examples of all of the functional symbols (Flatness, Straightness, Circularity, Cylindricity, Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Angularity, Circular Runout, Total Runout, Profile of a Line, Profile of a Surface, and Position.




More Complex Parts & Shorter Runs

Don Davies, DP Technology

Mastery Track


As we head into the next decade, we will see the continuation and an acceleration of the manufacturing of complex high value ($$) precision machined parts. The machines that can produce these parts are equally as complex. Further the trend in manufacturing has been moving to shorter runs and with more intricate parts, creating numerous challenges for the typical job shop to stay competitive.

This session will discuss the specific challenges job shops face to effectively program and machine precision parts and to adopt new technologies to be competitive now and in the future.




The Unconventional Pursuit of the Skilled Worker Panel

Eric Dales, Adam’s Automation

Ron Brown,Smith & Richardson

Representative from Lorain JVS

Administrative Track


Finding a skilled workforce is a challenge. Finding a person who is looking for a career instead of a job is a challenge. So how do you face these challenges? Where can you find a skilled, career-minded worker? This panel will discuss unconventional ways to search for that elusive worker.




Cam Print

Job Layout Session


This roundtable session will discuss the challenges of a specific cam part and the many ways to consider those challenges from both an engineering and operator standpoint.







High Speed Machining

George Adinamis, TechSolve Inc

Fundamentals Track


High speed machining offers wide-ranging benefits to manufacturers, including the chance to tap into the productivity upside of highly machinable materials like brass that take full advantage of modern machine tools. Greater throughput achieved with higher metal removal rates can boost profitability, increase machine utilization and expand production capacity. Attendees will learn about exciting results from an extensive machinability research collaboration on brass alloys including the practical application of these findings in production settings. Two case studies will be highlighted to demonstrate how being more aggressive with brass can push part production to new heights and help manufacturers respond to changing market conditions.





Peer-to-Peer Connection

PMPA NextGen Committee

Fundamentals Track


Who can understand what you do better than the person who does what you do? NextGen provides this unique opportunity to connect with somebody new who thinks like you. If you have a challenge bring it with you, this is a great place to find a solution.




GD&T Advanced

Gary Griffith, Griffith Training

Mastery Track


This session is focused on advanced principles which include Maximum Material Boundary (MMB), Actual Mating Envelope (AME), Best Fit, and Datum Shift.





Continuous Improvement Panel

Michael Tamasi, Accurounds

Aneesa Muthana, Pioneer Products

Dan Ignasik, SEPCO-Erie

Administrative Track


Follow up to NTC 2019 session. Panelists discuss progress in the last year and plans for the future.



TUESDAY May 5, 2020






The Solutions Center

Sean Althaus, Cox Manufacturing Company

Joe Gentile, Hangsterfer’s Labroatories, Inc

John Detterbeck, Lester Detterbeck Enterprises

Ed Rowland, Mid-West Screw Products, Co

MIles Free, PMPA

Kathy Dibble, Prime Pioneered Components

Ray Schnell, Valbruna Stainless Inc

Fundamentals Track


Take advantage of industry expertise and bring a challenge to find a solution: Technical, Training, HR, and Quality! Attendees are encouraged to help others with a solution as well.





Advanced Cam - Cam Redefined

Brett May, BME

Mike Moore, Gosiger

Mastery Track


Don’t Underestimate Your Cam-Driven Machine! Due to innovations in the custom attachment industry, cam-driven machines now have the potential to be more powerful than ever. Operations like polygon cutting, synchronous cross drilling, slot milling, and even CNC turning, boring, and threading no longer have to be done on a secondary operation. Losing job opportunities due to increased secondary machining costs can be extremely frustrating, but with more complex attachments it is now possible to regain the competitive edge in an evolving industry. Learn how anyone can learn how to revolutionize their cam-driven machine.





What to Do When OSHA Shows Up

Dan O’Brien, Fisher Phillips

Administrative Track


Discussion on the six elements of the OSHA inspection process: OSHA’s focus and predispositions, being prepared, OSHA showing up, post inspection, receipt of citations, and litigation.




How to Best Utilize Rotary Transfer Technology in Your Shop


This session is focused on providing an overview of rotary transfer technology and how it can best be utilized in your shop. The discussion will review the wide range of parts that can be run on this technology and the new/unique ways to take advantage of the machine capabilities.







Fine Surface Finish Center

Romas Juodvalkis, Allways Precision

Jamie Maliszewski, RPW and Elite Finishing


Romas Juodvalkis of Allways Precision, Inc, presents “Achieving Fine Surface Finishes on Centerless Grinders”. Topics will cover a range of subjects from proper grinding wheel and dressing tool selection, to setup techniques along with a discussion on speeds and feeds.


Jamie Maliszewski of RPW and Elite Finishing will discuss the cost drivers that go into cosmetically plated products which includes product and process design, material and process choices and cosmetic requirements.




CNC Lean Panel

Jerry Eighmy, American Turned Products

Mike Petrusch, Cox Manufacturing Company

Jared Wiltsie, Vanamatic Company

Mastery Track


With a focus on CNC, the panel will discuss shortening lead times, set-up reduction and more! Attendees are encouraged to bring questions.




How to Create a Productive Environment

Michael Tamasi, Accurounds

Administrative Track


Get the work done more efficiently by creating a productive environment. Attendees will find out how continuous improvement, HR policies, benefits, organizational structure, planning processes and communication flow are used to create a productive environment.





How to Prepare for Audits

PMPA Quality Committee

Administrative Track


Audits can be nerve-racking and time consuming. PMPA’s Quality Committee walks attendees through the process of preparing an audit including who to talk to and what to ask. Learn some helpful tools which can be used to successfully prepare for an audit efficiently.



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Schedule of Events

Saturday, May 2

Welcome Reception

Sunday, May 3

First Timer's Meeting

Keynote Lunch
Rudy Ruettinger


Block 1
Escape Game
Rapid Fire Technology
CNC Multi-Spindle Print

Technical Member Exhibits

Monday, May 4

Buffet Breakfast

Block 2
Protecting Your Company Data
Leaded vs Unleaded
Swiss Part Process
CNC Multi-Function Print

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"The ability to give someone something to take home to the shop and use is the key to this conference."
Rich Nast, Bracalente Manufacturing Group

"This conference is what I use for the mental recharge. The open discussion time and opportunities to further explain concepts and ideas is huge."
Ron Herrera, Erie Specialty Products


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