Technical Tuesday Webinar Series


Why Should We Consider Manufacturing Analytics/IIoT



Help machine shops understand IIoT / Manufacturing Analytics and the potential solutions enough to make a determination of whether they should seriously consider IIoT or not. Manufacturing is moving towards needing to be more data driven to compete. However, companies struggle to understand if IIoT solutions make sense for them, can be successful, are affordable, and want to look for alternatives if available. They have also already been bombarded by IoT marketing fluff and a lot of stories of failed IoT projects. Our approach is to be transparent about the solutions, their value, and the options. We don’t get into the big, high‐minded ideas of Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing or the IoT hype. That’s been overdone already. Let’s get real.

Presentation will be open and transparent about these kinds of solutions.
* What is Manufacturing Analytics / IIoT / Remote
Machine Monitoring?
* Should we ignore Industry 4.0 and IIoT?
* How will it help our machine shop?
* How do I use it?
* Alternative solutions
* Is it valuable?
* Is it expensive?