Here’s an Electric Vehicle to  make you say- “Why didn’t I do that?”

Unbelievable performance

Here’s some specs:

  • 60″ tall
  • 39″ wide
  • 0-60 in 3.8 seconds
  • Nascar Roll Cage FIA certifed to 200 mph
  • 56 degree rollover threshold- same as a Porsche 911
  • 3150 pounds curb weight
  • Range- 100 miles using lead acid batteries. 87 mpg equivalent.
  • 1000 lbft of combined torque
  • 2000 amp 350 volts ~ 600 kw; 805 input hp

At $150,000 probably  certainly out of our range, but not too bad from a guy who self describes as being “Too dumb to know it couldn’t be done.”
Awesome video!

According to a story in The Journal of Commerce, Daimler Truck Raises 2011 Truck Forecast,  North American  heavy trucks sales will rise 30 to 35 this year over 2010. This week DTNA bumped that forecast up to 30 to 35 percent.

PMPA’s Business Trends Index is up to 110 from December’s 91, and last year’s average of 100.
“For 2011, large truck sales are predicted to climb back over 200,000, with the optimists predicting 250,000 or more. The four year down cycle in sales of new trucks has left the U.S. trucking industry with a high average fleet age. A rebounding national economy will result in more stuff being trucked and there will be money to spend on new trucks. 2011 should be the first year of a several year up trend in
heavy truck sales.”-Istockanalyst 
We believe that there is stronger demand for trucking services than there has been for past couple of years. We welcome JOC’s report on the Daimler (Freightliner) forecast.