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PMPA members are encouraged to share their experience!  Please email  Carli Kistler-Miller with your comments.

“As a small business owner, I have access to so many resources, I don’t feel like such a small business.”

– Adria Bagshaw  |  W.H. Bagshaw in Nashua, NH 

“Our company would not be where it is today without all of the things we have learned through the PMPA.”

– Mike Reader  |  Precision Plus Inc in Elkhorn, WI

“We are celebrating our 75th anniversary. I will tell you with absolute certainty, with no qualifications, that had we not been members of PMPA we wouldn’t have celebrated a 30th anniversary.”

– Charlie Kerr | Kerr Lakeside, Euclid, OH

“I am proud to be a PMPA member for multiple reasons.”

– Aneesa Muthana | Pioneer Services Inc, Addison, IL

“You make friends you didn’t know you were going to make. Then you make more friends and you end up with more and more knowledge.”

– Johnny Freeze | GWS Tool Group, Nashville, TN

Listserve Communities are one of the best benefits of being a PMPA member.”

– John Habe IV  |  Metal Seal Precision & Little Mountain Precision, Mentor, OH

“I love working with the PMPA staff…very professional and they always get right back to you.”

– Lib Pietrantoni |  CJWinter in Rochester, NY

“Many, many difficult challenges were met with the help and assistance from other members of the Association.”

– James Wrenn  |  Hudson Precision Products, Broadview, IL

“PMPA has a wealth of resources we use for our company that have helped us in numerous instances.”

– Kevin Coffman  |  Champion Screw Machine Eng., Wixom, MI

“We’ve learned and grown our
business by being PMPA members. It’s helped us grow and develop our team.”

– Rich Hoster  |  Smith & Richardson, Chicago, IL

“Truly, the technical sharing is great.”

– Greg Knight, Absolute Machine Tools, Lorain, OH

“Wage Survey…Business Trends…these are just two examples of the valuable information available to PMPA members.”

– Tom Halladay | H & R Screw Machine Products, Reed City, MI 



“There are lots of folk here with common interest. It’s great networking.”

–  Travis Donaldson, with Jamie Smith, Glenn Donaldson and Brandon Curtis | Donmac Precision Machining, Foxboro, ON

“Quote Here”

– Parrish Castor, DACRUZ Manufacturing, Bristol, CT


PMPA Helps Solve Problems

Recently we received a complaint — for a part that went to several different customers — but only one had difficulties. We turned to the PMPA, where the expertise of PMPA staff and the expertise of PMPA members willing to share their experiences allowed us to add real value to the customer’s problem-solving process. PMPA helped us solve a customer problem that could have cost us more than 50 years of dues we pay to be PMPA members — keeping the customer and our bottom line.

Charlie Kerr

Kerr Lakeside

PMPA is a Critical Resource to my Company!

A membership in PMPA is a connection into a group of people that have extensive knowledge and experience in industry (manufacturing) . This depth of information has been invaluable to me and my business. I have received business solutions – technical machining solutions – and even office management advice. PMPA is truly a valuable asset to my organization.

Darlene Miller

Permac Industries

PMPA Helps Us Not Only Know What to do But How to Do It!

Speaking directly with others on their experiences in getting to places we know we need to go is invaluable. The openness and willingness to share is unparalleled between PMPA member.

David Thuro

Thuro Metal Products Inc.

The Value of PMPA

PMPA offers friendships and camaraderie as we all know. Its value goes well beyond that though. The resources and sharing of everyday challenges is invaluable. It’s like having teammates you can always count on.

Tom Phillips

Pacific Precision Inc.