Precision Machined Products Association Past Presidents

We are grateful to those who volunteered and served as the president of the PMPA.
1933-34  David Bell*
1934-35  George Briggs*
1935-37  F. H. Fischer*
1938-39  T. L. Strimple*
1939-41  John S. Higgins*
1942       Roy C. Parks*
1943       Paul H. Hershey*
1944       Melven K. Kuntz*
1945       John R. Cox*
1946       Fred C. Phillips*
1947       Ted Lundberg*
1948       Robert Chestnut*
1949       Charles D. Hoyt, Jr.*
1950       Cecil E. Lucas*
1951       H. F. Fischer*
1952       N. A. Hewitt*
1953       Asa W. Bonner*
1954       William N. Grass*
1955       Ernest W. Schneider*
1956       Clarence A. Button*
1957       Dana B. Jefferson, Jr.*
1958       C. J. Baumgart*
1959       Leonard R. Schaffer*
1960       Charles L. Kerr*
1961       Harry G. Smith*
1962       Sherwood H. Balderson*
1963       Francis P. Trinkaus*
1964       Wilson B. Creveling*
1965       C. J. Crites*
1966       Frank W. Hodges*
1967       Otis F. Lamson, Jr.*
1968       S. A. Cappon*
1969       Robert C. Knuepfer*
1970       Roland L. Pohlman, Jr.*
1971       Orvell W. Essman*
1972       Robert D. Oldfield, Jr.*
1973       Jack E. Corey
1974       Irving Miller*
1975       James A. Heller*
1976       John A. Meaden*
1977       John A. Frey
1978       Ben V. Bonner*
1979       Raymond L. Belding, Jr.*
1980       Richard W. Kerr *
1981       David S. Pohlman
1982       Thomas L. Mitchel
1983       Richard B. Watson, Sr.
1984       Eugene V. Dallapiazza
1985       Allen E. Brooks*
1986       John W. Mullen*
1987       John T. Hoskins*
1988       Donald G. Janssen, Sr.*
1989       Robert E. Corwin
1990       Ben R. Betty, III *
1991       Gary E. Tedford
1992       Robert L. Ohlemacher*
1993       Edmund B. Diemer*
1994       Walter G. Roberts
1995       Harold D. Walker, Jr.*
1996       Gerald B. Eighmy*
1997       Richard W. Creveling
1998       Ralph D. Spaeth
1999       Kurt Gleich
2000       Bernard B. Bertsche
2001       David R. Knuepfer
2002       Peter K. Rosenkrands
2003       Tad Korndoerfer
2004       Dennis E. Basler
2005       Richard D. Witchey, III
2006       Richard C. Gorton
2007       James W. Hemingway
2008       B. Scott Eighmy
2009       James Wrenn
2010       Jeffrey B. Ohlemacher
2011       W. Richard Hoster, III
2012       Ronald Bracalente
2013       Darlene Miller
2014       Tom Bernstein, Jr.
2015       Harry S. Eighmy
2016       Douglas R. Coster
2017        Michael J. Preston  
2018       Michael J. Reader 
2019Victor DaCruz
2020Tom Halladay
2021Aneesa Muthana
2022John Habe, IV
2023Steve Sorenson



PMPA Awards

Frank T. McGinnis Merit Award

The Merit Award is the Association’s highest award, conferred only upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.  First presented in 1943, the Merit Award recognizes the recipient’s contributions and continued service for the benefit of the Association and the Industry above and beyond the duties of any appointed or elected Association office.  Presented only when an individual has clearly met the requirements, the award is not given every year.  Eligibility for the PMPA Merit Award extends to any employee of any member company.

In recognition of Frank T. McGinnis who served the Association as its Executive Vice President from 1952 to 1992, the Executive Committee in 1993 renamed the Merit Award the Frank T. McGinnis Merit Award.


Gold Micrometer Award

In recognition of forty years of service to the Precision Machined Products Industry, a gold-plated, engraved, working micrometer is awarded each year to member company executives who have completed forty years of service in the Industry.  The Executive Committee approves applicants based on established criteria announced to members annually.



Technical Member Distinguished Award

This award is presented at the Annual Meeting to a member chosen by Technical Member Nominating Committee for his/her technical service to the Association and the Industry.


Membership Plaque

A special membership plaque is presented to PMPA members who have renewed for a second year.

Years of PMPA Membership

A new membership plaque with a respective year plate is presented to PMPA member companies celebrating 25, 50 or 75 Years of Membership in the Association.

Directors Service Award

A plaque is presented with appreciation to recognize each Director upon the successful completion of his/her term as a member of the PMPA Board of Directors.  The usual term of service is three years.

President’s Gavel

The gavel is presented to the incoming president by the outgoing president at the Annual Meeting.

President’s Gold Medallion & Shadow Box

This shadow box award is presented to the outgoing president at the Annual Meeting, thanking him/her for their service as PMPA president.

Diamond Micrometer Pin

A diamond pin is presented to the outgoing president from past presidents at the Perpetual Order of Past Presidents’ annual breakfast meeting.

Technical Member Chairman’s Award

This plaque is presented to recognize leadership and service rendered by the outgoing Chairman of PMPA’s Technical membership. With this award go the thanks and appreciation of all PMPA member companies

Technical Member Participation Awards

This award is presented to select Technical Member companies in appreciation for their outstanding contributions and service to the association. Participation Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting. Honorable Mention award recipients are acknowledged at the following National Technical Conference.


Standing Committees

Members are eligible to receive recognition awards for their participation on PMPA Standing Committees.  The Standing Committees for PMPA are:

Information Technologies Committee

Management Update Committee

Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) Committee

Quality Committee

Technical Program Committee

PMPA Meeting Attendance Pins

Meeting attendance pins are awarded to recognize attendance at 6, 20, 40, 60, 70, 80 and 90 PMPA national meetings – Management Update, the National Technical Conference and the Annual Meeting.  To qualify for attending a national meeting, a member and/or spouse must attend the full meeting and pay the full meeting registration. 



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Guidelines for PMPA Membership