What’s on your list? Lists?
Holidays provide a great time for reflection. Santa checking his list started me thinking…

Didn't know that Santa was into over-inspection
As a quality guy, I didn’t know that Santa was into over-inspection

Here is our list of “to be given”

  1. To our customer’s- Zero Defects, 100% on time, delightful answers and best in class service
  2. To our suppliers- Sufficient lead time and clear requirements on the specification and purchase order.
  3. To our employees- Sincere appreciation and offers of further training
  4. To our community- Continuing to be great citizens and networking

And our “Wish List”

  1. From our customers- Orders with sufficient lead times and clear specifications
  2. From our suppliers- the same treatment that we give our customers
  3. From our employees- attention to safety and their best efforts
  4. From our community- respect for the magic that our people and processes accomplish that makes a difference in everyone’s lives.

What’s on your list?
Need help with creating and using lists? There’s a great book for that:

Maybe a great gift Idea for some of your key performers...
Maybe a great gift Idea for some of your key performers…

Checklist Manifesto Amazon
Savage Chickens

The November ISM PMI Manufacturing Index rebounded by 1.3 points in November. A welcome development as we near year end.

Rebounds are especially important in the finals...
Rebounds are especially important in the finals…

The composite index rose from 51.9 in October to 53.2 in November, its third straight month of expansion. The  manufacturing production  index, up from 54.6 to 56.0 in November expanded at its fastest rate since July 2015.
According to Bradley Holcomb at ISM,“The November PMI® registered 53.2 percent, an increase of 1.3 percentage points from the October reading of 51.9 percent.”

We’ll take it!
Fabricated Metal Products, of which Precision Machining is a sub sector, was one of 11 industries that grew in November. according to ISM data.
Both ISM’s Production Index and New Orders Index also reported gains in November.
PMPA’s Business Trends Index was down 1.7 % in October, so we are looking forward to our own rebound in November… after all, our components are what makes the manufactured goods sold in November actually work…
Link to ISM PMI November Report
Link to Calculated Risk Graph
Rebound: Showing some love to our Chicago Readers… Jordan Rebound 1995-1996 Finals
PMPA Business Trends for October 2016