With 91 companies responding, the PMPA Business Trends Index for March 2018 increased 14 points or 10.8% over
February to 143, the highest value for the Business Trends Index EVER! At 143, the index is up 11.2 points or 8.5%
above the five-year average for the March sales index of 131.8. ”  – PMPA March 2018 Business Trends Report

All time high for Our Sales Index!

Sentiment indicators from our respondents remained high. PMPA members can get the full report here. Press can request a copy  – we’ll be happy to share.
Two of three months  in 2018 have set new records for sales. Our industry is outperforming five year averages by wide margins- up 8.5% for March.
Prospects for employment remain high in our shops, even as the national figures tout “full employment.”
If you know someone that is underemployed, or unemployed, the prospects for great careers in our precision manufacturing shops have really never looked better.

March 2018 PMPA Business Trends Report
Great Careers

PMPA Business Trends April 2018


With 89 companies responding, the PMPA Business Trends Index for April 2018 was 133, up 15 points (12.7%) from April 2017’s value of 118. This is our Index’s highest value recorded for April, and our sixth highest month ever recorded. At 133, the April index is up 10.6 points or 8.7% over the 5-year average of 122.4 for the April Sales Index. Our year to date average is 135, up 10 points or 8% over 2017’s year-end average of 125. We are at 113% of where we were a year ago in April.



Published April 2018

By Miles Free III

Thanks for asking about whether or not lead is a hazardous material. I can understand your curiosity, knowing I worked with lead in the lab, in the melt shop, in the mill where probably 25 percent of our product was leaded steel for machining and in PMPA member company shops when I am asked to help them solve process problems.