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  • APPI Energy provides our clients with a comprehensive way to reduce energy expenses and minimize budgetary risks. Through our electricity and natural gas procurement services, we negotiate with suppliers to ensure you are provided with ideal pricing and contract terms to fit your needs. Our holistic energy services provide financially and functionally vetted solutions to decrease energy costs, reduce demand, and improve resiliency and sustainability.



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APPI Energy – PMPA Benefit Webinar Series

What’s Happening in the Energy Markets

APPI Energy Vice President of Market Intelligence & Analytics, Dan Forgacs provides a data-driven, comprehensive look at the current state of the energy markets, We’ll provide insights into what’s causing such extreme market volatility as it relates to electricity and natural gas prices, as well as a look at what to expect in the coming months. Additionally, he’ll dive into key strategies and solutions available to PMPA members to mitigate those costs and minimize budgetary risk, from effective procurement strategies to energy solutions designed to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

Energy Procurement Process with APPI Energy







APPI Energy – PMPA Benefit Webinar Series

All Things Energy for PMPA Members

APPI Energy, a brand new Affinity Partner of PMPA will walk through all of the energy solutions that can it can provide for PMPA Members. Noel Temple of APPI Energy will review the Marseilles Lock and Dam Hydroelectric Water Power Project as well as combined heat and power energy efficiency, demand response program compensation, turnkey LED lighting programs, solar PV solutions, utility bill management, procurement processes and much much more!