Technical Tuesday Webinar: Broaching on a CNC Lathe

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 (11am - 12pm US/Eastern)
Technical Tuesday Webinars

11:00 am

One operation seen on many turned parts today is broaching. Traditionally broaching has been regarded as a secondary operation that was typically performed on a broaching machine with special broaching tools. Depending on the industry, much of this type of broaching is still being done in this manner. For instance, in the automotive sector, almost all broaching is done by large expensive automatic broaching machines with specially designed broaching tools that can produce the broaching at very high speed and short cycles.

Larry Greenawalt, Eurotech

Like many young people, I was going to college without a clear direction of what field of work I really wanted. As a starving student in 1976 I took a part time job in a machine shop working four hours a night sweeping floors and wiping down machines.

Shortly after working there a few weeks, the night shift foreman, who was the company’s best lathe machinist, asked if I could run one of their turret lathes. My answer was “yes, as long as you can show me what and what not to

Almost immediately, I was absorbed by it. I loved running that turret lathe and time flew by each night after. A few months went by and one evening when I came to work there was a brand new NC lathe, the first NC lathe the company bought. Shortly after it’s arrival I was asked if I could help figuring out the programming and running of the machine.

From that day forward I found by direction and purpose. Today, I am still learning, solving problems and helping to bring more young people into a career in manufacturing and to restore America once again to it’s greatness in manufacturing.

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The presentation will be of particular interest to owners, engineers, machinists, programmers and technical personnel.

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