2020 Annual Meeting Presentation Videos

Wednesday, October 28 (6am) - Tuesday, December 15, 2020 (12am US/Eastern)
Big Cedar Lodge, Ridgedale, MO

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The 12-Week Year
Brian Moran

Do you want to learn how to crush your goals and bring them near-term? Then "The 12-Week Year" is the answer. Brian Moran is a recognized expert in the field of leadership and execution. HIs realization that most people don't lack ideas, but struggle with effective implementation led him to the development of "The 12-Week Year."
*We encourage you to watch this video with supervisory staff and all other management to maximize the use of its content toward your business success. This is an inspirational and motivational presentation!
NOTE: Brian's video will only be available for viewing until November 15!

How Government Has Changed Since COVID-19
John Guzik and Omar Nashashibi, The Franklin Partnership

PMPA’s lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., The Franklin Partnership, has been working alongside PMPA throughout all of the COVID crisis, helping our member companies make sense of the changes and updates.

Omar and John review the new “new normal” and how the federal and state governments are allowing businesses to operate; what steps OSHA, the EPA, and tax agencies are taking; and what policymakers are considering for the future.
*We encourage you to watch this video with Safety Leaders, Accounting/Controller, and HR staff to maximize the use of its content toward your business success.

The State of PMPA
Victor DaCruz, DACRUZ Manufacturing; Cate Smith, PMPA Executive Director; Steve Sorenson, Sorenson Engineering

Victor, Cate and Steve provide an update on PMPA activities, as well as our financial health.

Election 2020 Update
John Guzik and Omar Nashashibi, The Franklin Partnership

As always, Omar and John provide attendees with insight directly from Washington on the race for the White House, the Democrats’ chances of retaking the Senate, and whether Speaker Pelosi will serve another two years. Politics impacts policy, which affects all our businesses, and the 2020 election could mean change is on the horizon for our industry.

The choices voters make on election day will have a major impact on the precision machining industry, and PMPA’s lobbying team will help your business understand what may lie ahead.
*Best viewed with anyone interested in making an informed voting decision!

Industry Trends and Markets Going Forward
Steven Kline, Jr., Gardner Business Media
Michael Guckes, Gardner Intelligence

Steve Kline, Jr. and Michael Guckes provide insights and best practices for the precision machining industry both on and beyond the shop floor. They discuss which internal business practices have historically allowed shops to maximize their profitability based on a multi-year analysis of Top Shops data. Beyond the shop floor, Gardner’s macroeconomic outlook for the industry will focus on which end-markets currently present the best opportunities for growing your business in 2021.
*We encourage you to watch this video with Plant Management and Production Management to maximize the use of its content toward your business success.

Finances in the COVID World - How to Be a Survivor
Eugene Barinholtz, CPA - Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond Ltd.

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the manufacturing industry and has transformed how companies do business. The pandemic has also brought about significant tax law changes that have left manufacturers wondering how this will affect their bottom line and top-line growth.

Gene Barinholtz, discusses the current state of the paycheck protection program (PPP) and CARES Act, EIDL availability and the Executive Order regarding FICA tax withholding rules for employers and employees. He also reviews the lesser known income tax changes brought on by The CARES Act.
*We encourage you to watch this video with Accounting/Controller and HR Managers to maximize the use of its content toward your business success.

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