Mastery Program
Starting August 27, 2020

Broader vision, deeper understanding, smarter problem-solving ™



  • 4 manufacturing shops
  • 4 steel mills
  • 1 brass mill
  • 1 bar and wire mill
  • 1 copper mill
  • 1 tool maker
  • 1 machine tool builder/distributor
  • Ford F-150 Assembly Line!


  • Instruction from industry expert, Miles Free
  • Two books filled with invaluable reference materials: What You Should Know and Craftsman Cribsheets Collection.
  • Unparalleled experience and exposure to the precision machining supply chain!


Mastery Program Overview

What Will You See?

Absolute Machine Tools
How your job requirements become inputs to providing the right technology including system integration for economical parts production. 

Camcraft, Inc.
Best practices. Critical high precision, high value manufacturing and best practices for system integration.

Charter Steel
Integrated electric furnace steelmaking, continuous casting and rolling into SBQ bar and rods. 

Concast Metal Products
Manufacture of continuous cast copper alloy bars, rods and tubes, quality control methods, and inventory.

Corey Steel
Process for cold drawing and finishing steel bars.

Eaton Steel Bar Co.
Steel heat treatment processes (quench & temper) and lab testing.

Fischer Special Tooling Corp.
Both manual and CNC toolmaking technologies; what does ‘toolmaking” look like from the supplier’s side?

Ford F-150 Assembly Line
Precision machined parts in assembly.  End of supply chain.

Hercules Drawn Steel
Process for cold drawing and finishing steel bars.

Mid-West Screw Products, Co.
Cam screw machines fill a critical niche for certain 
products, customers, and lot sizes.

Nucor Cold Finish
Process for cold drawing and finishing steel bars.

Precision Plus, Inc.
Best practices.  Highest precision Swiss leading technology committed to workforce development shop.

Stainless and Aluminum, Inc.
Stainless and aluminum bar products - lot control, inventory and shipping practices

Tri Star Metals, LLC
Production of cold drawn stainless, nickel and aluminum bar, cold heading steel, nickel and stainless wire.

Vanamatic Company
Manufacturing/engineering, chip processing/shipping, tool room/maint process, quality control. Intelligent management and rational work rules can make a 

Wieland Chase
Integrated brass melt shop, caster, processor for leaded and eco-brass materials. See what happens to the chips you return to the mill.

Two Books Provided to Each Attendee

Craftsman Cribsheet Collection

     A collection of 84 Craftsman Cribsheets

What You Should Know: STEEL  by Miles Free, III   

This valuable book includes critical information for What You Should Know about

  • steel grade system
  • bar straightness
  • bar handling
  • surface imperfections and stock removal
  • effect of austenitic grain size
  • carbon
  • sulfur
  • ·nitrogen
  • ·nickel
  • phosphorus
  • feed vs speed
  • cold work
  • benefits of cold drawing
  • lamellar pearlitic annealing
  • spheroidize annealing
  • stress relieving
  • mechanical properties
  • effect of sulfides on transverse mechanical properties
  • difference between hardness and hardenability
  • case hardening of free machining grades
  • roundness, concentricity and lobing


Registration - Seating is limited!
- Registration is limited to contract manufacturers.  
- Registration is not transferable — to benefit from the program, the same person must attend all three tours. 

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Registration fee includes:
- Instruction from Miles Free
- All three tours: Milwaukee/Chicago area, Detroit/Toledo area and Cleveland area
- Tours on all scheduled stops
- Hotel room for overnights on August 27, 2020 and Sept. 14, 2020
- All meals and snacks 
- Two books exclusive to the Mastery Program: The Cribsheet Collection and What You Should Know: STEEL
- Personalized hard hat
- Safety glasses or safety shields for eyeglasses
- Mastery Program backpack/messenger bag