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Member Benefits
Like Feeds and Speeds, You and PMPA can work Better Together.
At PMPA, our organization and its members believe that the strength of our industry relies on what we can achieve together.

We know it's not easy to be in an ever-changing industry faced with constant pressure from global competition and government regulations. But what if you had the ear of more than 400 other companies across North America going through the exact same issues? What if you had constant access to the most up-to-date, specific and actionable business information and insights designed to make your company better from top industry leaders? For more than 85 years, PMPA has provided its members with countless resources and networking opportunities to ensure they have all the tools to improve their business practices and achieve long, sustainable success. 
Networking, Resources & Problem-Solving

ListServes are one way PMPA members help each other. What does ListServe mean to PMPA members?  POWER!   Power to problem-solve.  Power to help others. Power to boost the industry.  Power to make decisions based on best practices.  And the power is at a PMPA member’s fingertips.  The PMPA ListServe is a strength-in-numbers, peer-to-peer network where members and PMPA staff help other members who have a problem, a question or need a recommendation.  It’s networking at its finest.  And it’s simple: an answer is an email away.

Trends & Benchmarking

Where do you get your reality check? How do you compare your shop to the sales of you peers? Are you competitive within the industry in operating benchmarks? How do you know if you are paying your employees the market rate?  PMPA members can get the answers to these questions and more with PMPA's Monthly Business Trends, Benchmarking Reports and Wage & Benefit Reports complied specifically for the precision machining industry.

Legislative & Regulatory Updates

We've got your back! There are so many legislative and regulatory issues that affect your company.  How do you meet the challenge of keeping up with them? Europea environmental regulations such as End of Life Vehicles, RoHS, REACH, WEEED and U.S. regulations including Conflict Minerals under Dodd Frank, Global Harmonized System, Online Injury and Illness reporting, California Proposition 65 and many more. PMPA has your back! We monitor legislative and regulatory issues and notify members of any news, updates or changes. We are also the voice for our industry in Washington DC!

Health & Safety

OSHA requires machines to be guarded and employees to be trained. Do you know the mandatory training required by OSHA for shops in our industry? Where do you turn for best practices and practical advice on shop operations where men/women and machines come together? PMPA can help you assure that your people and processes work together safely. We are on a constant watch for developments in the health and safety regulations. Distracted driving as an OSHA emphasis? Online injury and illness reporting? PMPA members were among the very first to know.

National & Local Events

PMPA members gather to share knowledge, learn new skills, see the latest technology, and network at PMPA's National and local events: National Technical Conference, Precision Machining Technology Show, Update Conference, Annual Meeting and Chapter meetings. 

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