Chair: Brandon Buckhout, R.F. Mau
Vice Chair: Pat Eliason, Roberts Automatic

  1. Welcome (Brandon)


  1. Review Mission Statement (Brandon)

To provide relevant technical programming to lead and support the Association members to achieve global competitiveness.

  1. Review Theme (Brandon)

Collaborating for a Better Future


  1. Program
    1. Training program sessions (4 hours)
    2. Print Sessions
    3. Regular Sessions
    4. Review/Revise Schedule (Carli)
      1. Considerations:
        • Try to have each experience level on each block
        • Avoid similar topics on same block
      2. Assign Owners (Brandon)


  1. First Timer Meeting (Brandon/Carli)
    1. Brainstorm ideas instead of a meeting: Breakfast? Reception?


  1. Other Business (Brandon)


  1. Next Meeting (Brandon)
    1. 9:30 AM at NTC or online if needed.


  1. Adjourn (Brandon)