Making of Cold Finished Steel

Chris Kelly from NUCOR Cold Finish Group


Attendees can expect to learn about the various steel grades that are used in machining and how they are made. We will go through the steel making process (including cold finishing operations) followed by a discussion of why some steel grades preform better than others and the trade offs that entails.



Released August 24, 2020.   

Miles Free is joined by special guest Tanya DiSalvo of Criterion Tool to discuss her experiences on everything COVID-19 including testing positive for COVID and  dealing with the aftermath. For the full conversation between Miles Free and Tanya DiSalvo please refer to the “Full Conversation: Tanya DiSalvo of Criterion Tool.

How Grainger’s New Program Benefits PMPA Members


Grainger Logo


Grainger, a PMPA endorsed member benefit provider will cover the newly minted Grainger/PMPA agreement and discuss the NEW Committed Offer Program. Grainger will also be reviewing the range of services provided as well as a focus on key segments of every members business:  Metalworking, safety, inventory management and even roof repair.  The presentation will be followed by Q&A to answer any questions you may have.



Released August 14, 2020.   

Join us as Miles Free answers a variety of questions!  You never know what will be asked or what the answer may be! (Hint: you probably already guessed it, this one is all about steel)

Please send any questions or topics for Miles Free to answer to gro.apmp@rellimc and we will answer your questions on an upcoming episode of the Speaking of Precision: Mailbag Edition

Which Tasks Should Be Considered for Automation/Robotics and Why

CJ Biena from Robotic Advantage


CJ Bienia of Robotic Advantage will cover the current state of manufacturing, the benefits of robotics and automation, which applications make most sense for automation, factors to consider when automating, and where automation is successful.




Friday August 07, 2020

The White House announced reinstatement of tariffs on aluminum yesterday. The Tariffs would go into effect August 16, 2020.

Presidential proclamation:

This goes against the actual data, which shows that aluminum imports are actually down:

Even the US Aluminum Association, arguably the ones most likely to gain from tariff protection, is opposed to the tariff:

Canada has already pledged retaliation: