Going Paperless in the New Manufacturing Environment: Opportunities to be Touchless

Brady Stevens from Global Shop Solutions


Brady Stevens of Global Shop Solutions will dive into the key aspects of making your shop floor paperless. The presentation will tackle common problems manufacturers are facing today, common benefits manufacturers get from being paperless, tools you can use to help you go paperless and examples of successful implementations from manufacturers.



PMPA Business Trends August 2020



The PMPA Business Trends Sales index inched up to 119,  up 1.7% over July.  While this small increase might be seen as a negative, the greater picture is that this 119 value is a 42% increase in sales over the low point for the year ( April 2020-just four months ago) obviously positive. While the pace of improvement is slowing, we continue to outperform the Fed’s measures for IP and Manufacturing. We believe that this is because our customers still are maintaining very low inventories for components. Low levels of component inventory at our customers,  leads to urgent needs and orders for our parts as demand improves.. All sentiment indicators are strongly positive for the fourth consecutive month. Our outlook remains positive, as our industry sales outpace those of the Fed indicators as the economy continues to recover.




IIoT Can Help You Successfully Reshore Production

Dave Grafton from Ectobox


Reshoring is a rising trend in manufacturing to handle some challenges with an offshored supply chain. Reshoring has significant benefits as well as some risks. A number of those risks such as cost, quality, and communication can be addressed by using manufacturing analytics / IIoT solutions. The webinar will briefly discuss those risks of reshoring and practical ways a manufacturing analytics / IIoT solution can address those risks. You will takeaway the expert definition of what is driving reshoring, a valuable list of the major risks in reshoring and specific solutions to mitigate the risks



PMPA Town Hall (September 17, 2020)


PMPA’s Cate Smith, Miles Free, Renee Merker and Carli Kistler-Miller host PMPA Members for a PMPA Town Hall where we provide you with an update on the status of your organization and the inner workings of how we continue to provide you with the latest and best information available to help you adapt and thrive. We review the newest programs and latest on our PMPA Meetings. Director of Industry Relations, Miles Free, will review the latest economy trends and provides information to know going forward. We are joined by special guests Melanie Webber and David Schreiner from Fisher Phillips to review some of the latest topics affecting your businesses. As always we answer our members questions during the live Q&A session.



U.S. Reverses Course on Tariffs on Aluminum Imports from



PMPA is a founding member of the CAMMU Coalition. We are pleased to be able to pass along the following breaking news.


The U.S. announced today that it will not impose 10 percent tariffs on aluminum imports from Canada, stating that the U.S. would resume duty-free treatment of aluminum from Canada retroactive to September 1.


As you may recall, the U.S. announced in August that it would re-impose Section 232 tariffs on aluminum from Canada, claiming a surge in imports.  CAMMU opposed the tariffs, signing an industry letter and issues press statements (see here and here).


The announcement by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer was made just before the Canadian Government was expected to announce retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products.


Amb. Lighthizer stated that the U.S. would set monthly quotas for imports of Canadian aluminum of 83,000 tons in September and November, and 70,000 tons in October and December, and stated that if shipments “exceed U.S. expectations, the United States will impose the 10 percent tariff retroactively on all shipments made in that month.”  However, a Canadian Government spokesperson said that it has not “agreed to anything” with respect to quotas and that the U.S. plan was “unilateral.”

Understanding the Business Impact of the New DFARS Cybersecurity Requirements

Elizabeth Niedringhaus from SSE, Inc.


Join SSE as they discuss the potential business impact of the upcoming DFARS Cybersecurity requirements and what manufacturers working in the defense industry need to know and why they should prepare immediately.