PMPA Business Trends July 2021


The PMPA Business Trends July 2021 Sales Index dropped from June’s record high, but remained 12.8% above the five-year average for July, at 134. Performance and sentiment indicators this month justify our continued optimism about the markets and employment prospects for our precision machining shops in 2021. Year to date we remain at the 137 Sales Index average that we predicted for the full year. And our 12.8% overperformance for July, usually a low month, supports our confidence. Our shops are solidly on track.

The numbers reflect the current and ongoing positive reality for our precision machining shops, while recognizing the challenges that we continue to successfully meet regarding supply, workforce recruitment, and inflation.




Released August 16, 2021.   

Miles Free and Carli Kistler-Miller provide a in-depth breakdown PMPA’s Hierarchy as well as the many benefits of being apart of the PMPA.


PMPA Business Trends June 2021


In June 2021, the PMPA Business Trends Sales Index came in at 148, an increase of 19 points or 14.7% from last month’s 129. This is the second highest month for our sales index ever- down just 4 points or 2.6% from March 2021’s record high of 152. Sales are 76% above the COVID-19 low of 84.  Two- thirds of reporting shops scheduled overtime- leading to June’s new record high of 44.5 hours of first shift scheduled. Our shops are clearly leading the broader industrial production sector catch up with demand, as our activity outperformed the Fed’s Industrial Production indicator by a large margin. (14.7%  increase month  to month for PMPA compared to 0.4% for Fed Industrial Production.) Sentiment indicators for the next three months remained high and positive for Sales, Leadtime, Employment and Profitability.



August 2021

Craftsman’s Cribsheet #99

Carbon may be the most important determinant of a steel’s properties. But without iron there is no steel. No humans, either. Iron is the decay product of Nickel 56 which is the last element produced by nuclear fusion as a star collapses. So, what else should be known about this essential to human life, essential to the precision machining industry, forged in the heart of dying stars chemical element?