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 The China Price isn’t necessarily the Bargain that some buyers think it is…

  • We are fortunate to have Harry Moser and his passion for Manufacturing engaged in this "Reshoring " movement
    • Reduce pipeline and surge inventory impacts on JIT operations;
    • Improve the quality and consistency of inputs;
    • Cluster manufacturing near R&D facilities, enhancing innovation;
    • Reduce IP and regulatory compliance risk;
    • And, most importantly to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    This Total Cost of Ownership  issue is the most compelling. It’s just the facts. The MATH is transparent.
    You can get access to a host of reshoring information, including the Total Cost of Ownership calculator, by signing up at ReshoreNow.
    The total cost of ownership calculator is an actual XL worksheet that will allow you or your customer to estimate the Total Cost of Ownership for a product that takes into account all of thecost  factors that most people ‘gloss over’ in order to make their decision.
    The concerns that we had about our work going to China remain a great introduction to the talking points of reshoring: here’s a Link.
    Thank you Harry Moser for engaging your passion and experience on this critical to North American Manufacturing Issue.

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