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If college was your first plan, but now it’s not, you need an alternative plan. The difference between low wages and a good paying career is having a plan.
“People who get the best options, the best money, the best jobs- have a plan. What’s your plan, if the college plan doesn’t come through?”

  • Hundreds of jobs in your hometown that employers want to see filled with local talent.
  • The best possible job for you should match your skills and your interests
  • Careers with a future
  • Let you grow you pay quickly based on your performance

Here are  3 career planning options that give you “Home Field Advantage” discussed in the video.
Alternate Career Plan #1 Direct to Work
Alternate Career Plan #2 Apprenticeship
Alternate Career Plan #3 Military Service
Thanks to PMPA Member  Company Vanamatic Company and Ohio Means Jobs for the video and wise career counsel.

27 thoughts on “Alternative Career Plans if College Doesn't Come Through

  1. So true. Kids these days don’t necessarily need to go straight to college. Apprenticeships are a great opportunity!

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