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Precision machined products shipments for April, as captured in PMPA’s Business Trends April Report, declined 20 points or 14.5% from last month’s record high of 138 to 118.

This correction does not bother us at all…

So why are we not bemoaning a 20 point, almost 15% decline in shipments?

  • The latest number, after the drop, is still one point above last year’s full year average of 117.
  • April’s 118 is down 4.2 points from the average of the last five years’ April values which is 122.2. Well within expected range
  • The March – April decline matches directionally with that of the last three years.
  • The 3-month moving average remains well above the 12-month moving average.
  • The sentiment indicators that we track for Shipments, Lead Times, Employment, and Profitability are all strongly positive for the next three months.

Our market has changed.
Our year to date average indicates that 2017 will be a strongly positive year for precision machining.  See the special addition to our report on the very last page.
If you are still managing your business based on the hunker-down, avoid-all-risk- thinking that kept you in the game over the past 8 years, you are likely missing some serious opportunities. See our article Change to Thrive
PMPA members can get the full PMPA Business Trends Report HERE
Accredited media can contact gro.apmp@reuabnehcrikm to receive a copy via email
PMPA provides our members with actionable data so that they can calibrate their performance to that of their peers.
Did your sales fall in April compared to March? I’m sure they did.
Are you worrying about that?
Our shops are not. We have data.
Data that helps us maintain our perspective. And sustain our businesses.

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