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Roles of Women in Manufacturing Series: IT in Manufacturing: Bridget Casey and Missy Gedridge

Two women share their journeys to IT in manufacturing, and give advice to anyone seeking a career in manufacturing.

by Carli Kistler-Miller

Director of Programs & Marketing, PMPA

Published October 1, 2023

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Information Technology (IT) empowers precision machining shops to operate with higher precision, accuracy and efficiency. Bridget Casey is the global manager for information systems and technology for Bracalente Manufacturing Group in Trumbauersville, Pennsylvania. Missy Gedridge is the customer service/IT for EMC Precision in Elyria, Ohio. Both women share their journeys to manufacturing.
Bridget Casey’s Journey
During the summer between her junior and senior year at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Bridget served as a supply chain intern with Bracalente. During her internship, she lead a project of upgrading Bracalente’s ERP system which ignited her career in IT. When asked about her favorite part of her job, Bridget responds, “It is getting to work with each department of my company to integrate new technology into their daily processes and help them become more efficient and remove nonvalue added activities.”

Missy Gedridge’s Journey
Missy started as a temp working in the shipping department. After eight weeks, she was hired full time. While working, she earned a certificate in computer maintenance and networking from Lorain County Community College just about the time that EMC Precision was preparing for Y2K. Missy let the owner know about her certificate and she was placed on the implementation team for the new ERP system. She remained in IT for about six years and earned an associate’s degree in computer maintenance, A+ certification and an associate’s in digital forensics. Missy states, “In manufacturing I’m continually being challenged. I’m part of a team while continually learning and growing. It’s so rewarding.”

Advice to Women (or Anyone) Seeking a Career in Manufacturing
Bridget says, “Manufacturing has opened my eyes to see how things around the world are made and how valuable little metal parts can be to saving and maintaining lives.”

Missy’s advice is, “If it interests you and makes you curious, you should find out your next steps to get there. Don’t be discouraged. If you feel you encounter a road block, seek help in unblocking it. Most importantly, be yourself.”





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