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Guest Post- James Pryor II, ASH,Inc. Safety Consultants
One of the most frequently cited OSHA violations in precision machining is 29CFR1910.305 Wiring methods, components, and equipment for general use.
The citations do not center around the factory assembled equipment-they predominatly cover  how we install itin our shops the installation.
It is the installation where most problems arise.

Probably not the best install: look at electrical box and wiring...

Here are 6 points of installation concern:

  • Temporary Wiring
  • Temporary electrical power
  • Temporary electrical installations
  • Cable Trays
  • Cabinets, boxes, and fittings
  • Flexible cords and cables

The equipment installation is where most problems arise. Metal raceways, cable trays, cable armor, cable sheath, enclosures, frames, fittings, and other metal noncurrent-carrying parts that are to serve as grounding conductors are a few of the areas covered in this standard.

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