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Our colleague Ryan over at Change the Perception wrote a wonderful piece the other day, and it was just so powerful I wanted to help him share his thinking. Here  is  his statement of faith about Manufacturing:

Thanks for sharing!

  • It is my belief that creating tangible goods is the foundation for all economic growth.
  • I believe our society should value people that choose to work with their hands, because these are the people that possess the skills to grow our economy.
  • I believe government should only involve themselves with manufacturers insofar as they help them, support them, protect them and enable them to thrive.
  • Taxes on manufacturers should be minimal.
  • Manufacturing education should be integrated into ALL levels of education. It should never be cut from a school budget…ever!
  • I come from a family and/or community that depended on manufacturing, I saw how many good jobs were created through it, I intend to build our community/state/nation with this model in mind.
  • WOW! This is some thoughtful and passionate thinking.
    Ryan had one more point, and it was aimed at the politicos who go up to Washington D.C. to represent OUR interests but then succumb to the “agency problem”- that is, they do only what helps them stay in power. Here is Ryan’s last tip for elected officials who really care about a strong U.S. manufacturing capability:
    “I understand that I may have to make decisions that could be perceived as politically damaging to myself or my party, and threatening to my own reelection; but if my decisions help American manufacturer’s, I’m going to do it anyways.”
    Ryan, I would call that “statesmanship.” Something we haven’t seen for a long, long time.
    If you were running, Ryan, you’d have my vote!
    To see Ryan’s full post click here.

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