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Browne & Sharpe Set-Up & Operations

Copyright 1959

A series of 14 booklets for Browne & Sharpe Training and Set-Up Operations. Originally printed in 1959, PMPA maintains these manuals for archival purposes only.

Booklet 1 –   A General Explanation of the Operation of Browne & Sharpe Screw Machines.
Booklet 2 –   Forming and Cutting Off (Circular Form and Cutting-Off Tools).
Booklet 3 –   Turning, Forming and Cutting Off (Box Turning Tool with Roller Rests).
Booklet 4 –   Turning, Threading, Pointing, Forming and Cutting Off (Turret Stock Stop, Bunon Die, Non-releasing Die Holder and                                  Circular Pointing Tool).
Booklet 5 –   Turning, Threading, Forming and Cutting Off (Opening Die).
Booklet 6 –   Turning, Forming, Threading, Cutting Off and Slotting (Balance Turning Tool and Screw
                      Slotting Attachment).
Booklet 7 –   Center, Drill, Form, Ream and Cut Off (Double Indexing, Drills, Floating Holder and Reamer).
Booklet 8 –   Forming, Threading, Taper Turning and Cutting Off (Back Rest, Ae<n Die, Releasing Die Holder, Swing Tool  and                                        Adjustable Guide).
Booklet 9 –   Rough and Finish Turning, Pointing, Forming, Knurling and Cutting Off (Top Knurl Holder, Box Tool with VB lock Back                              Rest and Pointing Tool)
Booklet 10 – Turning, Knurling, Centering, Forming, Drilling, Recessing and Cutting Off (Cutting-Off Tool Post, Knee Tool, Adjustable                          Knurl Holder and Recessing Tool).
Booklet 11 – Centering, Forming. Drilling, Bottoming, Knurling, R~ing, Tapping, Forming and Cutting Off (Vertical Slide Attachment.                             Bottoming Drill, Knurling Swing Tool, Fixed Guide, Recessing Swing Tool and Non- Releasing Tap Holder).
Booklet 12 – Centering, Drilling, Counterboring, Longitudinal Turning, Forming and Cutting Off  (Longitudinal Turning Attachment and                         Counterbore).
Booklet 13 – Centering, Drilling, Turret Topping, Cross Drilling, Forming and Cutting Off (Spindle Brake, Cross  Drilling and Tap or Die                           Revolving Attachment with their Motor-Drives).
Booklet 14 – Attachments and Tables.