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California to Enact New COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Requirement


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The California Legislature just approved a measure that dramatically extends and expands a requirement for employers to provide
supplemental paid sick leave to employees impacted by COVID-19. Among other things, this new requirement applies to employers with
more than 25 employees and establishes a new “bank” of COVID-19 related sick leave for covered employees for 2021 – even if they were previously provided such leave in 2020. This legislation, passed today, will go into effect 10 days after being signed by Governor
Newsom, and every indication is that he will sign this measure immediately. Because this new paid sick leave mandate will also
apply retroactively back to January 1, 2021, it will create some real logistical and compliance challenges for California employers. What
do you need to know about this sweeping new paid sick leave law?