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Think that Manufacturing is Dull, Dirty, Boring?
Guess again.
I recently visited PMPA member shop Central Screw Products / Detroit Gun Works open house earlier this month.
High Energy. Positive Energy. Great housekeeping.

Nothing dull, dirty or boring going on here.
Nothing dull, dirty or boring going on here.

Matt and Arnot Heller, III recounted their trips to China several years ago:
“Everyone was telling us, “You should set up in our manufacturing cluster here in (name of Chinese province). Not only will ther be manufacturing companies, but also suppliers and outside services you will require.””
“It occurred to us that we already had that back in Metro Detroit- arguably the greatest manufacturing cluster on the planet. The talent was available in the local shops, So we decided to “continuously improve” our operations in Michigan.”
The Heller’s moved their operations from  Detroit city center to Troy to be closer to their families, and invested in state of the art equipment and set up the shop using lean systems and integrating robots into machining operations.
As Central Screw Products, the company continues to provide customers with high quality, just in time precision machined products for critical applications.
However their Detroit Gun Works operation has become their engine of growth and helped them to upgrade their equipment, people, and reinvigorate their supply chain.
Upgrade to best industry practices...
Upgrade to best industry practices…

For many of us, Detroit is the Motor City.
For the Heller’s, Detroit is the greatest manufacturing cluster on the planet.

2 thoughts on “Central Screw Products- "Detroit is the Greatest Manufacturing Cluster on the Planet"

  1. We need more of these types of stories! Manufacturing in the US and Michigan should be considered the Hi-Tech Belt, not the Rust Belt. Great story about a longtime PMPA member. Keep up the good work!

  2. The renaissance of Detroit’s manufacturing cummunity is paramount to the expansion of U.S. manufacturing as a whole. It is good to hear success stories and optimism coming from the Detroit Metro area. Our company provides factory monitoring systems, including a new product, specifically developed for machine tool monitoring, providing real-time shop floor visibility and utilization data that is key to good business decisions and Continuous Improvement efforts. Going forward, we wish everyone in the Detroit area the best (except this weekend, GO BEARS!).

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