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Cybersecurity 101- Now and Why


If you wonder why we keep talking about NIST, Executive Orders 13556, 13636, NIST Special Publication 800-171, NIST Interagency Report 7621 Small Business Information Security, FCC Cybersecurity hub, among others. (Some of you may think of this as CMMC).


PMPA members, below a copy our Cybersecurity Guidelines prepared for PMPA members by The Franklin Partnership. Use this as a guidance document to help you get started and scope out your plans- it is NOT a complete compliance guide.

As for costs: “DoD considers this an “allowable cost” under their contractors. Challenge is your members are rarely primes, so they are subprime contractors, meaning they would need to go to their customer and say this is an allowable cost and you should pay some or all and pass that through to DoD. ” Obviously not an easy ask, but there is a basis for negotiating.


Cybersecurity Guidelines (The Franklin Partnership)