Check List for Part Drawings

_____ Is a premium material necessary or desirable? If so, is it specified by grade, hardness and size? Can a standard stock size be used?
_____ If a material specification is not critical, does the drawing define the broad limits, or are acceptable substitutions indicated?
_____ Is a mill certificate sufficient for material analysis, or is laboratory testing required? Is the test method fully detailed?
_____ Do all tolerances appear on the drawing? Are they practical and consistent with function of the part?
_____ Do all dimensions add up correctly? Do overlapping dimensions eliminate tolerances?
_____ If concentricity is required, is it clearly shown? Is allowable eccentricity set at practical limits? Is it as “open” as possible?
_____ Is heat treating required? If so, does the drawing include the heat treating specification?
_____ If plating is required, are finish and thickness tolerances specified? Is the plated dimension consistent with the unplated dimension?
_____ Are all surface finish specifications and measurements clearly stated?
_____ Can minor collet or pusher marks be tolerated? Are burrs permissible?
_____ If the part mates with another, is this noted on the drawing? Are the mating surfaces noted?
_____ Are Acceptable Quality Level requirements defined clearly?


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